Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration. Where do you find it?

I find coming up with ideas hard sometimes. There are days where you just don’t feel creative and others where you could feel everything with creativity. And being a content creator makes it even more visible.

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It’s also something that comes when you less expected. You know, you were doing something and all of the sudden the best idea comes up to your mind and you suddenly feel so happy. Or when you are about to sleep and your brain seems so active and can’t stop thinking.

But when I’m feeling uninspired I like to observe my surroundings or something really visual like Moodboards or Pinterest. I also like to scroll down my Instagram or listen to music. And all of the sudden when you do what you like inspiration comes. It doesn’t have to be the best idea ever, just what to wear, how to decorate your room or just what to do next.

And you, what you do to get inspired?

Love, M.

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4 thoughts on “Where do you find inspiration?”

  1. Music and Pinterest are big motivators and sources of inspiration for me, so I related well with what inspires you. This is a lovely lil post, I always enjoy anything to read that has to do with being inspired❤

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  2. My inspiration comes from my experiences. It might not hit me at the time, but I usually reflect on it afterwards and suddenly I get an idea!! Great post!

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