Some Movie Recomendations

Who doesn’t like movies? Lying down in your sofa, wrapping yourself in a blanket, making some popcorn & relaxing. There’s something special in it that most people love. And that’s why today I’m letting you know some films that I have watched recently & loved.

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I want to start with Passengers. We watched this film at school and seriously, I don’t know why I didn’t watch it before! The main characters are played by Jeniffer Lawrence (one of my faves!) & Chris Prat, and honestly they play it amazingly.

The movie is about an interstellar flight and what happens when one of the passengers wakes up long before the ship arrives to its destiny.

We also have Captain America: The First Avenger, a superhero film. This is a type of film I had never watched before but I really liked. I loved the time where it happens and the action in it! Totally recommend it!

Next we have one that I still don’t know why I haven’t told you about it. It’s The Intern, such a great film!! The second I started watching this film I knew I would love it and it didn’t disappoint me.

The cast is amazing, starting with Robert de Niro & Anne Hathaway, so the film has to be good! It’s about what happens in a fashion company when they hire as an intern a retired person. And because it has the fashion factor, it makes it even better.

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Finally, I want to make a quick recommendation about Now You See Me 2. The other weekend I watched it for the second time and loved it as much as the first. If you haven’t watched yet I don’t know what are you waiting for!

Love, M.

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10 thoughts on “Some Movie Recomendations”

  1. Captain America: The First Avenger is soooo good! I appreciate the vintage feel to the whole film bc of course its set in the 1940’s. Plus seeing a tiny Chris Evans is just adorable, right?? Ahehe xoxoxo

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