Where I like to shop? // Pull&Bear

One of my favourite shops when it comes to shopping has always been Pull&Bear. This chain store has everything you look in clothes, comfort & beauty. And there’s something for everyone, from hoodies to dresses.

That’s why when I saw the new collection (while I was doing one of my many visits to its web) they are selling during the Spring season, I knew I wanted to show it to you. I just fell in love with all the new sweaters, dresses & shirts that are coming, they are full of pastel colors, blues and reds, perfect for this season!

Here are some of my favourites!

Because I love sweatshirts!

Weird Day // Thick Stripes // Red Stripes // Next Crush // USA // Great Intuition

And with Spring coming I think they are the best option for your closet. Have been loving the oversized ones!

Denim, Denim & Denim!

Mom Jeans // Oversized Jacket // USA Jeans // Denim Shirt

This season, it’s everywhere, but can we complain? It’s one of the most comfortable clothes to wear! And it goes with everything!

Accessories everything!

Bag // Glasses // Mermaid

Can we just talk about how beautiful this mermaid inspired crossbody bag is? I think it can just add something special to your outfit.

Shoe lover

Pink // Sneakers // Brown

I think this season we are also going to see so many platform sandals and I’m loving the idea! Also, we can’t miss some basic shoes that go with everything.

You gotta have some T-shirts!

Saved World // Important // Local Artist // Dress

And some basic shirts with messages beacause I love them! And this cute dress which I find perfect for Spring.


Love, M.

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20 thoughts on “Where I like to shop? // Pull&Bear”

  1. This is really cool it is like what you like and I get to know and I couldn’t wait till looking at the post you go girl.Just a quick question are you viral because the first time I had come on to word press you were the first person I found and followed you go girl from the moon and back

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    1. Thank you so much! It makes me incredibly happy to hear this!!! It always feels great when people support you this much.
      And no, I don’t think I’m viral…


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