Who Run The World?

Another year & the 8th of March is here with International Women’s Day. And it looks like this time it’s going to be different. This year, it’s being celebrated with much more strength, all over the world & with a huge strike. But why this year it’s different? Well, mostly because of the #MeToo & Time’s Up movement which started at the beginning of the year.

International Women’s Day, it’s a day to recognize and celebrate women around the world. But also to fight for full gender equality and show that without women the world can’t work.

That’s why today I wanted to make a little post, to recognize all the women all over the world but espcially those close to me. This post is dedicated to my mum, my sister, my friends, my grandmas, my aunts, my cousins & my followers. Happy International Women’s Day!

Finally, because I’m not an expert on this field, I have explored a little bit & HERE YOU HAVE SOME ARTICLES & VIDEOS YOU NEED TO READ/WATCH ABOUT THIS DAY!






And of course, if you have any interesting video or article you want to share, leave it in the comments so that we can all see it!

Love, M.

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25 thoughts on “Who Run The World?”

  1. Amazing post made on an amazing day! This is a day to be cherished by every other women; to come together and stand up against all the injustices inflicted upon them! Happy Woman’s Day to you!❤

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  2. Amazing post, Mariona! It’s great to see women of all nationalities and ages come together to stand for each other.
    Keep up the great work!

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      1. Hey! You’re welcome:) Just a question: what theme do you use on your blog? I find your blog layout really minimalist and cool.

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        1. Thanks! For my blog I use the theme Spun. Sadly, it’s no longer avilable but maybe if you ask to the help center they can do something about it! Hope it was helpful!


          1. Definitely! My name is Udita and I’m a new blogger around here. It would be really kind of you if you would be able to check out my blog and give any suggestions and tips.
            Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
            Thanks in advance!

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                    1. Oh, that doesn’t matter! Thanks, Mariona!
                      If you’re down, I would love for you to write a guest post on my blog :)

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