Hi, Marioness is back! And in this post I wanted to show you one of my favourite outfits recently. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been wearing this look all the days I could. And it was only about time that I share it with you.

This is a really casual outfit & for every day, it’s perfect because it’s so comfy. But even though it’s so simple, it still looks stylish and I love how with some accessories you can make it even better.

I’m wearing a super cosy sweater from Springfield and some light blue jeans from Zara (for me, the perfect match!). Then when it comes to shoes, I’m loving this black boots from BreakAndWalk, seriously in love!

Because it’s cold outside, I also took my favourite jacket at the moment which is from Bershka. Don’t you just love it? Finally, to keep me warm during cold days, this pink scarf. And that’s it!

Do you love my look?

Love, M.

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