Three Songs I’m Loving At The Moment

Hi! Marioness is back and this time I’m sharing three songs that have become a must for me over the past days. You know, those songs that you can’t get out of your head and you spend all the time singing even if it’s only inside.

And because they are so good you can’t go one day longer without hearing them! Here are my three favourites!

I must mention PERFECT by Ed Sheeran. I loooove this song and it’s also so catchy. Even though it came up some weeks ago, it wasn’t until last week I realised how much I liked it. The acoustic is so good and the lyrics are beautiful!

And HAVANA has to be in this list. I just love that Camila Cabello has released her first album. Some really good songs are in there, but Havana it’s the one I like the most. Again, it’s so catchy and I find it different.

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Finally, END GAME because now that Taylor Swift is back, her songs are better than ever. And this one is no exception. Love the rhythm of this song and the lyrics. Besides, the video, it’s so amazing, you need to watch it!

So these are my favourite songs at the moment! Which ones are yours? Do you love any of these three??

Love, M.

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35 thoughts on “Three Songs I’m Loving At The Moment”

  1. I absolutely love Havana, it always makes me want to dance when I hear it! Also, a song I have been obsessed with lately is What About Us by Pink.

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  2. yesss I love Havana💗! however, if you listen to Selena gomez’s song, ‘same old love’ the starting beat is almost identical😂 just a random thought

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  3. YESSSSS! Havana is so good! i’ll have to check out the other two coz i loveeee listening to new music! thanks
    ellie xx 💕🌴✨

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