Sweater Obsession

Hello everybody & welcome back to my blog! Today I’m sharing with you twelve different sweaters. Because we all know that this kind of clothes are the best option during the cold weather and you can also style them in multiple ways.

Which makes it a must have and probably the most versatile garment in your closet. So it’s never bad to have some options… that’s why today I am showing you my favourite sweaters from some of my favourite brands!



Laagam // StellaMcCartney // Pull&Bear 

This is a new trend, but I already love it. I find something special about strips with letters in hoodies. I think they definitely make your outfit better!



Pull&Bear // Zara // Tommy Hilfiger

And of course, if you want to go comfortable, choose oversize. It can give to your look a real casual look, but you can also make it original with some complements as you can see in the first picture.



Pull&Bear // Bershka // Urban Outfiters

As you may already know, I love this kind of sweaters. So yes, it’s definitely a basic for me. Just a word or a catchy phrase on your hoodie and you can say a lot without actually saying something.



Arizona Vintage // Stradivarius // Zara 

If everything else fails, we still have our basic sweaters. You know, plain colours or with just the logo. And my favourites are those with a vintage vibe. Loooove them!

And these are my favourite options for when it comes to sweaters. Which are yours? Are you a hoodie lover? Tell me about it in the comments!

Love, M.

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