Styling My Striped Shirt

Hi there! It’s time for another fashion post & this time I decided to share with you five different ways you can style a simple striped shirt. You will see there’s an option for every style and how versatile it’s. I think having one, it’s a must for your wardrobe. And yes, as usual, at the end of the post you will find some options I love!


The first look, it’s a really casual outfit which can everybody wear daily. And it’s perfect for the spring days. Just grab a matching T-shirt with some details, the striped shirt & combine it with your favourite jeans. Add some complements & you’re ready to go!


If where you leave is currently warm, this one is for you. In this one I’m wearing a plain white T-shirt under the stripped shirt and my mom jeans because they are perfect for spring. To give it a cute touch I added my favourite pair of sandals and I tied the ends of the shirt.


Sometimes you still want to wear your shirt, but it’s a bit cold outside, so just put on some chunky sweater and you are ready to go! If possible, wear a slightly cropped sweater so that the ends of the shirt can be seen. Wear it with blue jeans and black boots and you’ve got your outfit!


You want a classy look? Roll down your shirt sleeves, put the your shirt ends under your jeans and the stylish outfit has appeared. Add it a belt and some details such as a scrunchie.


If you are running out of time, but you still want to look amazing. Grab your shirt (it looks better if it’s a bit oversized), add it some skinny blue jeans and to make it even better wear some brown boots. And you’re ready to go!

These are all my ideas about styling a shirt! I’m sure you have thought of others so let me know them in the comments together with which look you like the most!

Love, M.

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28 thoughts on “Styling My Striped Shirt”

  1. I love this! So many ways of styling with shirts, but i always wear it the same way. I should try some new styles πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, a shirt is one of the most versatile clothes I know. But I agree, sometimes you end up wearing it in the same way. I really encourage you to try new styles!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ugh I’m always obsessed with any of your fashion posts-they’re the bomb!! My favorite look with the striped shirt was probably with the velvet xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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