Taylor Swift Songs I Love

So you may already know that I really like Taylor Swift. And just because I recently bought my first T-Swift CD, I have decided to write here a little list about my favourite songs about her. Because she has some cool tunes out there! Let’s start!

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1. WELCOME TO NEW YORK. It’s one of my favourites and I discovered it recently when I bought the CD. I just love how lively it is and it makes me want to go to NY so bad.

2. SHAKE IT OFF. An all-time favourite! I still remember when it came out & the big success it was. So different and positive, it will make your day brighter!

3. END GAME. The video clip came out recently and aside from loving it. The letter is so catchy! A 2018 hit.

4. 22. I just love how energetic it is and the good vibe it has. Definitely need to put it when I turn 22!

5. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO. It was the first song we got from the new Taylor Swift and I loved it! The perfect way to make a comeback.

6. WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER. Going back to old Taylor, I loved this song. The sound is amazing and the video clip, it’s just perfect!

7. BAD BLOOD. Energetic & catchy! The perfect combination which leads us to Bad Blood. Even though it’s one of her old songs, we can identify some Reputation things.

8. STYLE. Classy but amazing, Taylor has the best songs…

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9. YOU BELONG TO ME. Because love songs are always so beautiful just like this one. It’s just a must listen!

10. GORGEOUS. And finally one of her new ones where you can see her new style and her amazing vocals.

And here are my favourite Taylor Swift songs! Do you listen to any of her songs? Which ones are your favourites?

Love, M.

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