I Went To London

Hello everybody! And welcome back to another post about London, I’m sorry if you are getting tired of these posts, but I just love this city and I wanted to share my love with you. I promise this will be the last!

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Today I wanted to write here a little tourist guide about the specific things we did, where we stayed, what we visited, which transport we used, etc… I hope this is helpful to anyone who is planning on going to London (personally, if you have the option to go there, do it. You’ll love it!). Hope you enjoy it!


If you are going during the winter you really need to pack warm clothes, a good jacket, gloves and scarfs. You don’t want to be cold during visiting the city! Oh! And an umbrella never goes wrong in London. But if you are going during Summer I suppose it’s better to pack lighter clothes, but still bring some type of jacket in case it gets cold or it rains!



We stayed in a really nice hotel called Premier Inn Kings Cross. The building is very well located (it’s just a few steps away from Kings Cross Station). They also have the option of having breakfast & dinner inside the hotel. It’s a plus when you arrive tired after a long day and don’t want to leave the hotel!


We personally used the bus and metro to move around the city. But I have to say that the metro is more quicker than the bus. One thing that can also work if you will use public transport a lot is buy the Travel Card which allows you to go with bus or metro.



If you want to eat something quickly for lunch so that you can make the most of your day, I really recommend going to a Pret A Manger. A sandwich shop which offers a wide range of sandwich, chips, coffees & sweets to eat on the go. The best option!


As where to go, here I leave you a list of what we did this time!

DAY 1: Fly to London, walk near the hotel, Charles Dickens Museum, pantomime at the Shaw Theatre.

DAY 2: Go shopping on Regent and Oxford street, visit the Oxford, Regent, Carnaby Street zone, go to Fortum & Mason, Picadilly Circus.

DAY 3: Tower Of London, cross the Tower Bridge, visit a war boat, Borough Market, The Globe, cross the Millennium Bridge, take the Hop On Hop Off bus.

DAY 4: Natural History Museum, visit Baker Street 221B, Oxford Street at night.

DAY 5: Quick walk around the hotel & time to go home!

And these are all the things which I find most important about our trip to London! If you still have any question about it, make sure to ask it in the comments, I will be so happy to answer!

Love, M.

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26 thoughts on “I Went To London”

  1. I recommend Travel Lodge central Waterloo hotel! It’s cheap, option for breakfast and a 5 minute walk from waterloo train and tube station!

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    1. I really had a great time! I would go there again! And I agree, London is such a beautiful city + there’s always something to do, you can spend days visiting and exploring! Always loved London!

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    1. Haha! I personally preffer London but I must say Paris is also so beautiful, specially at night with a Eiffel Tower lights. I really had a brillant time, thanks!


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