London Calling

London. Favourite City. Taking A Plane. Back To Our Hotel. Exploring The Neighborhood. The Shaw Theatre. Lots Of Harry Potter Films. Yo, Billy! Let’s Go Shopping. Tired. Oxford Street. Clothes & Clothes & Clothes. Beautiful Christmas Lights. The Sunset Is So Beautiful. Walked A Lot. Yummy Dinner. Adventures At Night In A Bus. Rainy London. Soak. Crown Jewels. Tower Bridge Again. Creepy Boat. Shakespeare. More Lights. The Big Ben Is Being Fixed. Back To The Hotel. Natural History Museum. So Many Bones. Baker Street 221B. Oxford Street At Night. Shopping Again. Last Day. London It’s So Beautiful During Mornings. Well, London It’s So Beautiful Always! Last Pictures. Time To Take The Train. Waiting. Flying Home.

Just a little summary of what happened during our trip to London. And here you have some pictures about the trip! Hope you like it!

Love, M.

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24 thoughts on “London Calling”

    1. Hi girl! It’s defintely a city to go! And I’ve been to the London Eye before and it’s defintely worth going. Hopefully you will go any time soon! <3


    1. Thank you girl! Haha! You should defintely do that, sometimes you are so used to the city you live you just don’t pay attention to those little things. Pretending to be a turist can be so cool!;)
      And yes, I changed my blog design and I’m so happy you loooove it!


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