Watching Christmas Movies

Hi, it’s finally Christmas Eve! It’s anyone just so excited about it?? And because it’s time to stay inside and spend time with the family, I decided to share with you some movies I have watched during this countdown to Christmas. Just to give you some ideas if you want to watch something festive!

The first one is called A Christmas Prince and I particularly liked it. It doesn’t have an amazing plot, but it’s more the festive vibe that has which make you love it. Perfect to watch with your family during the afternoon. This film is about a reporter who is suddenly sent to a royal palace to cover some news during the days around holidays and all what happens to her.

Next, we have Christmas Inheritance which I love more than the other. The actress (Eliza Taylor) appears in one of my favourite series and the whole movie again, has such a Christmas vibe. It’s about the daughter of a rich man and what she would have to do to gain her father’s trust to rule his business.

Another thing I like to watch during December are the Christmas specials from your favourite series. I find it so funny, because you remember what it was like and you feel so festive. I love to do that!

So here you have my recommendations about what to watch during the holidays. What are yours? Let me know in the comments!

Love, M. And Merry Christmas!

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18 thoughts on “Watching Christmas Movies”

  1. Merry Christmas xx One of our movie channels has had 24/7 Christmas movies. Plus another channel the Hallmark channel has also been putting on Christmas Movies as well. Even our free to air Tv channels has been getting in the spirit. The one so far I have enjoyed are 12 Dates of Christmas, The Christmas Note, Charming Christmas, Family for Christmas, The Spirit of Christmas, Finding Father Christmas and Hearts of Christmas.

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  2. I LIVE for A Christmas Prince! It’s so cheesy and predictable! I personally like going on youtube and searching “hallmark christmas movies” and just letting the good times roll! My current favorite is A Royal Christmas!

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    1. Hey girl! I’m doing fine, thanks! And happy holidays to you too(although now it’s maybe too late because they are finishing). What about you?


  3. AHH THE A CHRISTMAS PRINCE I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! I watched this with my family because we just cancelled cable and my mom is obsessed with Hallmark. She was in denial and did’t know what to do with herself X) If only I could live in Aldovia…. *sniffs*

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    1. I think I can summarize it to three points: work hard, create content you love & visit others people blog’s (intereact). I hope this was helpful!


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