Decoring My Room For Christmas

Hi again! For this post, I wanted to show you two DIYs I have done to decorate my room & how we have decorated our home for Christmas. Because these days  that I had more free time and I thought that with Christmas around the corner I needed to decorate my room for the occasion!

The first thing I did, wanted to be a centerpiece, but as it came up a bit big I put it hanging from one of my shelves. And I think it looks quite good, what do you think?

This one, it’s so simple to make, you will just need random cuttings of fabrics (preferably in some Christmas colours) and thick thread. First, you will cut all the fabrics into little pieces and then you will tie them up to the thread. Once you have done it with all the fabrics, you got it! Ready to decorate your room for Christmas!

The next decoration is a wreath made of card stars. And I find it so beautiful! It’s perfect to decorate your shelf or some wall near your bed. It also feels so Christmassy!

All I did was cut some star shaped black and red card. Then I doodled some decorations in a gold pen and glue it on a thread. That’s it, pretty easy!

And as promised, here you have some pictures of how we decorated the house for Christmas! I love the vibe!

And you, how you decorated your room or house this Christmas? Which decoration you like the most?

Love, M.

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