Winter Outfits, Because It’s Cold Outside!

Hello everybody! Today is time to show talk about fashion! So I’m going to show you three outfits that I have pulled together and I think they are perfect for this season. And of course, there’s a bit of everything that we love during the cold weather fashion; scarfs, boots, tights, cozy sweaters… So let’s start


This is the perfect outfit for a long & cold day. It’s really comfy, but at the same time super stylish. And I’m just in love with the colour combination of navy blue and pastel pink!

In this outfit I combined my beloved mom jeans, my cozy sweater from Pull & Bear which I wear all the time and because it’s winter I needed this pink long jacket. And with this cold weather I had to add some warm gloves. Just perfect!


I just love this outfit! The dress gives it an elegant touch & the denim jacket and boots add a more casual style. I think it’s such a good combination. And to top it, I added some brown boots and a long grey scarf.

I find it perfect for weekends. And even tough the denim jacket it may not protect you from the cold weather, you can add a thicker jacket on top.

#3 80’S ARE BACK

And finally, a more casual one that I wear every day. It’s definitely so comfortable and it really keeps you warm. You just need to add your favourite jacket and you’re ready to go to school!

In this outfit,  we find this amazing red sweater, which is so warm and some simple blue jeans that combined with this Panama Jack boots it’s the best thing!

And here you have my three outfit options for this winter! Which is your favourite? And what are your options?

Love, M.

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27 thoughts on “Winter Outfits, Because It’s Cold Outside!”

  1. Gorgeous outfits… I can’t decide which one is my fav ;) Probably outfit 3, where did you buy the red jumper?💕 ~Raff x

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    1. WOW! So many people are liking outfit number 2, I feel so proud! And I defintely need to start wearing it more. Oh! It’s sad to hear it’s not cold as I love cold weather!

      Liked by 1 person

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