Taking A Break

Yes, as you can tell by the title of this post, I’m taking a break. I know I have said this a couple of times since I started this blog, but this time it’s going to be longer than the others. I want to take some days to give this blog a transformation and nearly starting from zero.

During this month I want to find the real focus of this blog. You know, looking for what I really want to share and be me 100%. I’m also thinking of giving it a makeover, a different look, new logo… and start a new chapter of this adventure I started more than a year ago.

Other things I want to achieve is to make this blog more personal, closer and to make it more visual with some really cool photos.

That’s why I would love if you leave me in the comments below, some of your favourite bloggers, so that I can get some inspiration and if you could comment any suggestion, things you would like me to do…

Hopefully, I will be back on track at the beginning of December more motivated than ever and with some holiday specials. Meanwhile, I will be working on the new look of this blog and you can follow the process on my Instagram or Twitter!

Love, M.

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32 thoughts on “Taking A Break”

  1. Taking a break will make you have a bit of focus on what direction you want to take and how you want to convey your message to anyone out their. I will be waiting to read more when you return. And I know it will be a great thing .

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  2. My blog tends to focus on exercise and self-improvement. I would find a topic you can write about every day that you are truly in love with. It will come through in your blog and you’ll attract like-minded folks to visit. My 2 cents! Best, Dave

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  3. What? I have no words. I can’t wait to see the new blog and the new design and everything!!! 😄😄 But I’m also gonna miss the old you.
    Anyway, whatever you do, I’m gonna like it so yeah 😂
    See you soon!!! 😊🦄

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    1. Thank you cutie! Always apreciate your support so much and it means a lot to me! If you miss me during my break you can reread some of my posts! ;)
      But I will be here very soon!

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        1. Well, this is not an easy answer… But I will say with lots of hard work and writting about what you are passionate. Some tips I like are; make your blog really visual (with quality photos and graphics), interact with other people in this community, post regularly…. I also have some posts sharing some of my tips with you like Bloggers Helpping Bloggers https://marioness.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/bloggers-helping-bloggers/ or How I Write My Posts https://marioness.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/how-i-write-my-posts/
          I hope this was helpful! And I’m here for any other questions!


  4. I’m really late (sorry….😂❤️) but I hope in this time you find what you want with your blog! I think we’ve all had those moments and sometimes it’s better to take a step back and look at it from a different perspective! (although can I mention your blog looks adorable?!❤️ I’m obsessed!! xx

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    1. Don’t worry girl! It makes me so happy to hear that I’ve got your support. Stepping back has really helped me and now I’m ready to begin again with some Christmas posts. I’m super excited about it!
      And thanks for the look of my blog, I also looove it!

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