Autumn Looks

So long no fashion! And I kind of miss sharing my outfits with you, that’s why today I wanted to show you two looks that just scream Autumn. I really love this season’s fashion and I thought it would be nice sharing with you what I’ve been wearing recently.

And I don’t know about you, but even if the weather here is not so cold and cozy, I still want to wear my sweaters and jackets. What’s the temperature where you live?Because here, it’s still pretty hot!

The first look is with my mom jeans (which I have been wearing them a lot lately) and this cute green jersey. I think that the whole outfit looks so cute and that the colours are perfect for this time of the year.

Moving on to the second look we have as well my mom jeans and this yellow shirt which the phrase “dance ya”. And for going outside this green bomber jacket which is perfect for the Autumn weather.

I personally like this outfit a lot and with all the yellow and greens it gives me such a cozy vibe. It’s also super comfortable to wear everyday!


And here you have my two looks! I hope you like it and that you get some inspiration for your Autumn looks. If you want to know where are the clothes from, check out my Instagram where I have been posting these looks and more autumnal things!

Comment below which outfit you prefer and what are you wearing non-stop this season!

I totally love this time of year fashion so if you have made a post sharing your outfits, make sure to leave the link below and I will check it out!

Love, M.

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    1. Thanks sweetie! Haha! So happy you love my blog and that you are a fan of mine! ;) I would defintely check out your blog and you can also follow me on Instagram! <3


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