How I Organize Myself For School

Before starting school, I did some Back To School posts. But now that we are totally in the routine with lots of homework and exams, I decided to make a post explaining to you how I organize myself.

Lots of you seem to like it and I think it will be helpful for lots of my readers who are still in school, high school or university. Although sometimes when it comes to school everyone has their own working methods, I think everyone can learn from the others!

1. Everything on the agenda

I have told this multiple times, but that’s because it’s what works the best. Just write everything there and you won’t forget anything. Then after you have finished, mark it as done!

One thing that also works for me is to split the day in the agenda in two. On one side, I write all the school homework that has to be done for the day and in the other what I would be doing in the afternoon.

2. Use a binder

I personally like to keep all my papers from different subjects together in a binder. Then I will have one plastic cover for each subject where I would put everything there. It’s my method to keep it organized and at the same spot. What’s yours?

3. Monthly Calendar

At the beginning of the quarter when they have given us all the exam dates, I like to make myself a monthly overview with all the exams, holidays… This way, with a glance I can see my whole month.

4. Subject On Top

I have the same paper colour for all my subjects so I like to put on top of each sheet the subject name. Like this if it gets messy or I loose one paper I will know to what subject it belongs.

5. Different Colours

As I said before, I use the same kind of paper for each subject. But when it comes to highlighting and using colour pens, I have a colour for a group of subjects. So that all the languages have one colour, the maths another… It just adds some colour to your notes and makes it more visual!

And here you have my five tips for keeping myself organized during school. I hope it was useful! I also want to know from you, what organization tips work the best for you? Let me know it in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “How I Organize Myself For School”

  1. Love the idea of making a monthly calendar. It sounds so simple, yet it must make your time management so much easier! I wish I did this when I was at school. Would’ve saved myself a lot of stress I think! Nat xo

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    1. Yeah, a monthly calendar is so helpful and it defintely helps me organize myself better. Well, I think you can still use some of the tips for your everyday life…


  2. Wow your highlighter pens are gorgeous – I can only ever find the neon ones in shops, not these prettier pale ones! But I can 100% agree with all of your tips, especially keeping everything in a monthly calendar! x

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