25 Random Facts About Me

It’s been more than a year since I started this blog (time really flies!) and as I’m getting new readers every day, today I decided to share a list of 25 random facts about me. Some of them might be funny and others new things you didn’t know about me!

I hope that you have fun while reading it, that you discover more about me and that you can relate at some point. So keep reading to find out more about who I am!

1. I enjoy watching series a lot. And while I’m watching them, I just talk about the characters like they were my neighbours. I am the only one?

2. Dancing is one of my hobbies. And I spend four hours a week dancing. Yeah, I really like it.

3. I enjoy eating a lot. But some of my favourite dishes are pizza, risotto, ice cream, biscuits…

4. I really enjoy fashion and all things related to it.

5. My favourite colour is purple and I have quite a bit of things in this colour.

6. I have an strange love to the city of London. I would love to live there one day and I like all things related to this city…

7. I’m from Catalonia. It’s a beautiful little country with mountains, beach and many things to do!

8. Having a blog makes me so happy and I enjoy every single part of it. The photography, the writing…

9. I prefer the cold season over the hot days. Specially all the festivities that involve Autumn and Winter. Who else?

10. I’m a very stubborn person. Which can go well, sometimes because I don’t give up easily, but I always want to be right.

11. My native language is Catalan but I can also speak Spanish, English and a bit of French.

12. I’m a tall girl and it has always been like this.

13. I would love to have a big closet full of dreamy clothes. Just like in the movies!

14. I consider myself a creative person.

15. I have an Instagram account, you can follow me here!

16. Some of my favourite songs right now are; I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder, Hold On by Shawn Mendes and New Rules by Dua Lipa

17.  I just discovered it’s hard to say bubbles and look angry. Just try it! ;)

18. Singing is not a thing I’m good at although I like listening to music.

19. I still don’t know what I want to be when I’m older.

20. Right now I’m really excited for fall and I’m planning on making some cool posts for the season. Are you excited?

21. I’m currently thinking of changing the look of the blog. Any ideas?

22. I love having pretty little notebooks for writing everything.

23. Travelling to so many places would be amazing.

24. I can’t whistle which is weird. I used to be able but know I can’t which makes it even weirder!

25. Doing this post I found out that is hard to write 25 things about yourself. Maybe I should know me a little bit better?

And here you have twenty-five facts about me! Let me know in the comments what surprised you the most or in which fact we can relate!

Love, M.

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36 thoughts on “25 Random Facts About Me”

    1. Haha! When I read for the first time this thing about bubbles I just thought it couldn’t be that hard and when I tried I just laughed at myself so hard! So happy you liked this post! ;)

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    1. Yeah! Shawn Mendes and Stevie Wonder have some cools songs! So happy to hear that you also like Stevie Wonder’s song as I don’t know many people who does. Haha! I just keep trying seventeen and I can’t! ;)

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  1. I don’t think I could do 25 either! I would love to live in London too! Maybe we will both be able to move there some day and have a coffee there 😀

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  2. Awesome post Marioness!!! I loved learning about you. It’s so cool you are from Spain, I did not know that! I have no idea what I’m going to be when I grow up either. My junior friends (junior in high school) are already looking at colleges and I don’t understand it. I like to take my time and figure out what’s right and what I like when there’s still time to explore, you know? Great post, I look forward to seeing more of your posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words! I’m happy you liked my post! I’m actually Catalan (as you can understand for some of the events that happened yesterday). And yes, it’s so hard to decide what you want to be when you get older but I think I still have time.
      A new post will be up today and it’s very special! Really hope you like it!

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  3. I was so glad when you liked my posts, because you were the first one to like my post. I wish you could comment on my posts as you are very able and have lot of experience in the blogging field. so I welcome your comments.

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  4. I am really amazed to have 654 odd followers following and it is an achievement to make the readers go Theo your post. one such great writer was JAMES HADLEY CHASE who held his readers and make them forego their meals. If you don’t believe me read the book “THE GUILTY ARE AFRAID’and you will have no time to write your blogs.

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  5. I went Theo your 25 things you love and Also the instagram. every thing is visible except your face. why that kind of hiding? perhaps you want to keep people guessing. thanks. if you feel free send a photo of yours.

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    1. Haha! I find whistle so hard and I don’t know why people find it so difficult. Yeah! I’m so happy that you also love notes. Do you know any cool brands where I can buy some?


    1. Wow! It must be so cool to live there, I loooove the city. And thank you! I know it can seem wierd but where I live mostly everyone speaks two lenguages (Catalan and Spanish) and at school it’s obligatory to learn English but you can also learn French. That’s why I can speak them! ;)


  6. I love de reading your post and learning a bit more about you. I think it really helps your readers understand you more too! I didn’t know you could speak all those languages! So clever! All I’ve learnt is German and French but I can’t even say a full sentence! Aha!
    Ellie xx 💖✨🌸
    P.s. For your blog, I think you should change the main colours to orange or yellow and add some leafy pics! 🍁🍂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much girl! I also love that kind of posts and it really helps knowing a bit more about others.
      Haha! I speak lots of languages that’s true. But where I live Catalan is the native language and as we are in Spain those two languages together with English are obligatory. Which together with French (it’s optional) are four languages. Seeing it like this is a lot!
      And thanks for the tips! I will try to apply them!

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