What’s new?

Today I wanted to share with you some of my newest acquisitions. Because we all love when we get new things and have the chance to enjoy them. During the last month I’ve been keeping some stuff to share it with you so, let’s start!

We will start with fashion, and the star of this post are my new mom jeans. I totally love them, how they fit, how they look… I’m so happy I finally got ones and I’m definitely going to amortize them because if it was for me, I will wear them always.

Moving on, we have this simple but cute grey shirt. The fabric is so soft and I think it’s going to be perfect for the colder days. What would you pair it with?

And to finish up this section, this cozy sweatshirt that you may already spot it in older posts. I really like it’s color and how soft it is. Is perfect to wear it everyday.

Time to talk about this beautiful wrist clock. I wanted for so long a simple one, but that still had something special. And I think this clock fills everything!

So I have already gone back to school and this year, I decided to get a new folder so that I can try a new way to organize all my notes (would you like a post explaining how I organize myself for school?).

It’s from this vibrant pink and it’s perfect to keep yourself organized. It also matches with all my school stuff, because it’s mainly pink ;).

Finally, the September issue of Vogue. I’ve been waiting to have it since mid August and now that I finally can read it, I’m so happy. And also really excited for all the trends that this season is bringing.

And these are all the new bits and bobs I got this last month! I hope you like them as much as I do!

Let me know in the comments what thing you love the most from this little haul and what new thing are you really excited for!

Love, M.

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20 thoughts on “What’s new?”

    1. Thanks girl! I’m also in love with the grey top and really looking forward for the cold temperatures so I can wear it! I will defintely check out your blog and drop some love in the comment section!


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