Back To School Outfits

I’m starting school again in one day and I’m sure that many of you have already started classes or are starting soon. That’s why I thought it would be nice to pull together three outfits I find perfect for the back to school/fall season.

They are simple outfits that go perfectly for your everyday, but still have some stylish point. I will definitely be wearing them, what about you?


Let’s talk about the sweater for a second… I love it! It has a soft texture and having something related to London is an extra point.

I find it super comfy and quickly plus easy to combine. It may look a bit simple (although for school, I find it okay), but if you want to upgrade the outfit a little bit, just add some accessories.

London Sweatshirt  // Black Jeans // Black Boots // Notebook 


I’m so happy that I finally got some mom jeans that’s why this season I’m ready to make the most of it. I find them super comfortable, perfect for everyday and easy to pair with anything.

This outfit is more for the ones who still have hot weather (like me!). It looks really casual and I will definitely wear it everyday with a sweater in case it gets cold!

Mom Jeans // Orange T-Shirt // Orange Converse // Pink Watch // Pink Eastpak


And to finish a basic outfit because it can’t be a school outfit post with no basics. Despite being simple, I find it really stylish and the high bun adds more elegance.

Grey Shirt // Blue Jeans // Blue Shoes

It’s perfect for the mid-time weather and as well as the others super comfortable. If you want to spice up your outfit, just add a colourful backpack like I did!

And these are all my outfits! Which one you liked the most? When are you going back to school? Let me know it in the comments below!

Love, M.

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46 thoughts on “Back To School Outfits”

    1. Yeah, I think is my fave too! I just love comfy but still beautiful clothes. You really need to get some mom jeans, they will become your favourite jeans!❤


    1. Thank you girl!❤ I also love it, it feels so cozy and perfect for Autumn. Can’t wait to wear it because here it’s still hot for this kind of sweater. Haha! Of course you can!😜

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