Fruit Salad In The Shower

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

I don’t know about you, but I have recently noticed that right after I take a shower, I left smelling like all the fruits in the world. It just seems like instead of showering, I make a fruit salad in the shower. Don’t you think the same?

I’m not complaining about it, rather the opposite. I love it! That’s why I’m sharing with you some of the products I use and that smell delicious.

The first thing is my shampoo from Garnier. It smells amazing, but it’s also perfect for damaged hair like mines. Hopefully my hair will improve with this product!

After the shampoo, some days I apply this hair mask from Deliplus. It contains papaya and flower of passion which leaves your hair with a perfect aroma.

Meanwhile the mask is making effect, I take care of my skin. And I like to use this body scrub from Beauticology. It leaves your skin so smooth and the scent is from grapefruit and raspberry. Perfect!

When I finish my shower or in the mornings I like to apply this body lotion by Great Feelings. For me, it’s the perfect fragrance to start the day with and it works perfectly for my skin.

Finally, to keep my lips hydrated I always use lip balm and as I can choose one I’m showing you two! Both are perfect for your lips but one smells like coconut and the other like strawberries.

So these are my favourite products when it comes to scents! Have you got any of these products? What is your favourite smell in beauty products? Let me know in the comments!

Love, M.

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11 thoughts on “Fruit Salad In The Shower”

  1. MMM! I love fresh and fruity scents for the shower, I have never used any of these products but seriously need to! I think my all time favorite scent is mint, especially for the shower or bath- it is just so refreshing and crisp!

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    1. Me too! Fresh scents are perfect for the shower. You really need to try some of this products! They all smell amazing! Yeah, mint is a great smell altough, I don’t really have any product with that smell. I should probably try it!❤


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