Holidays Near Grenoble

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m here because I wanted to share with you all the things I did in my latest holidays. I have already done one post where I shared most of the photos of my time in France. But as I barely explained to you what we did there I decided to make a post all about this.

First of all I wanted to say that I really enjoyed this holidays with my family. We stayed in a hotel near Grenoble for five days and we had such a great time hiking and visiting the museums of the zone.

1st DAY:

The first day we didn’t do many things because we stayed most of the time in the car. But we stopped in Nîmes to have lunch and visited its arena. When we arrived to the hotel that was in Voreppe we went to Voiron and we had dinner there.

2nd DAY:

We started by going to a prehistory museum in Vassieux en Vercors where they showed you many things about flint. And then we went walking in a hike around there. We stopped in the middle of the route and we had lunch with some amazing views!

When we arrived to the end of the hike we visited the Museum of the Resistance where we learnt about what happened there during the Second World War.

3rd DAY:

During the morning we did two hikes the first one was a really strong rise that ended with some incredible views. And the other one arrived to a beautiful waterfall where we had lunch.

In the afternoon we visited the “Musée de la Grande Chartreuse” which was all about how the monks lived there.

4th DAY:

Early on the morning we went hiking until we arrived next to a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. A really beautiful view!

Then we went to the Museum of the French Revolution but before we had lunch in the gardens next to the building. Finally, we went to a museum where they explained how they do the liquor Chartreuse.

5th DAY:

On our last day staying in the hotel we went on a ride in a boat while we watched the surroundings. And to return where the boat ride started, we went walking in a path full of walnut trees (there are lots in this zone!).

After it, we had dinner and we returned to the hotel. We changed our clothes and we visited Grenoble. Honestly, we expected a bit more of Grenoble, but there weren’t many things to see. So we ended up going into its cable car and we enjoyed the views of the city.

6th DAY:

It was the last day and we had to go back home. So early in the morning we jumped in the car and we started our way to Catalonia.

And that’s it! I had such a good time there and if you are looking for somewhere to do great hikes, this is the place.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and if you are interested in visiting Grenoble I have linked up many places to it’s website so that it was more useful!

Share in the comments where did you went this holidays or if you stayed at home!

Love, M.

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