Hidden Towns Around Barcelona

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

Now that holidays are nearly here, it’s time to let your travel dreams fly! So I decided to do a post listing seven cities or towns to visit around Barcelona.

Many people, come to Catalonia and only visit Barcelona, mostly because is the only famous city here. But if you look a bit more, you will find that Catalonia is full of amazing places to visit where you can discover history, nature and have fun. So it’s time for you to discover them!

I will first start with a medieval city and this is Girona there you would find its ancient history and you will be able to walk between medieval streets. You can also not miss its cathedral and the Onyar river surrounded by colorful houses.

We continue with Tarragona, a place for historic monuments and beach. You can learn a lot with its amphitheatre or Roman aqueduct. But you can also have a fun time enjoying the beach!

Moving into the North, you can’t miss Vic a little city that has its own charm. If you go there, you have to visit their main square which is even better in market days. But you can also find a cathedral.

It’s time to explore the nature and there isn’t a better place in Catalonia than La Garrotxa, especially what we call “La Fageda d’en Jordà”. A place full of beech trees that it’s just beautiful during Autumn.

Going to the South, we will find “El Delta de l’Ebre“. And full of rice plantations, it’s time to enjoy a good dish of rice and to explore some typical traditions. But as it’s on the coast, you can also enjoy the beach.

And if you like the mountains in “La Vall de Boí” you will not only find lots of routes to go for a hike. You will have the chance to discover a group of Romanesque churches that is declared World Heritage.

Finally, if the beach is your thing in Catalonia you will find lots of them. But Cadaques it’s a good example of pretty towns by the beach you can find. And everything can be summarized with the word beach!

And that’s all! I hope you liked it and that I gave you some ideas if you are planning to visit Barcelona or Catalonia. And if you aren’t, but you know someone who may be interested, don’t forget to tell them about this post!

Share in the comments which one was your favourite town!

Love, M.

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23 thoughts on “Hidden Towns Around Barcelona”

        1. Me too! Such a beautiful place with its medieval streets. I loved it! Hahaha! I also have been to Sitges once but I didn’t have the time to explore it even though, it seems such a nice town. Did you have fun there?

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  1. I agree with you Girona is lovely. I also suggest visit Girona in May within the Exhibit OF FLOWERS, MONUMENTS, PATIOS AND GARDENS

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  2. The forest and Cadaques seem like pretty, picturesque and calming places to visit, I’d love to see Tarragona too for the architecture. I’m going to Salou (first ever proper holiday!) in a few weeks and I’ll try to do a little day trip to Barcelona while I’m there as it’s about 1.5hrs away, will keep these places in mind! x

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    1. Yes! All of the places listed above have theire own charm and they are worth visiting. I’m so happy you come to visit Catalonia and I hope you enjoy your days on Salou. I also really recommend you to spend a least a day in Barcelona as it’s the main city. And if you finally get the chance to visit some of these places in the post don’t desire to let me know your oppinion!


    1. Thank you! I’m so happy you liked them! It’s actually Catalonia but anyways they are so beautiful all. And if you ever visit Catalonia don’t forget to let me know your oppinion!

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    1. Thank you girl! So happy you liked it that much! The photos aren’t actually mine so if you want to search the towns in Google you will find similar ones. I’ve been to Tarragona and it’s so beautiful, you would love it!

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  3. You know I actually have never been a n Barcelona I think Spain is the only country left in Europe where I haven’t been, and where I’m dying to go

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    1. Oh! That’s a shame! Barcelona is such a beautiful city and all the Catalan towns around are so beautiful! You really need to go! And wow girl! It’s amazing you have been to nearly all the European countrys! ;)

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