Swimsuit Season

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

The hot weather is finally here! So it’s time to go to the beach or to the swimming pool and have a nice time in the water. And with all these fun activities, the swimsuit season arrives.

That’s why today I want to share with you different swimsuits that I found after looking at some online shops. Just to give you some ideas for this Summer! I really like them, what about you? Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!

The first one is this one from Springfield. I think it puts you in such a good mood with the cool phrase. Also, the colour is just perfect, it screams Summer. And you can also use it as a simple top with a pair of shorts. So you know, VACTION MOOD ON!

The next one, is from Zara, it’s in a plain strong red and it has this little detail at one side. I love this vibrant colour and I think is perfect for Summer!

I also find this one in Pull & Bear that follows the trend of printed slogans. This time is also a Summer slogan and with a very similar colour but this is shiner.

Another one also from Pull & Bear, is this pretty swimsuit with this floral print in pastel shades. I think this season’s swimwear is in shinny colours or pastel colours, so which is your fave?

We now enter on the H&M zone! The first one is this super girly swimsuit in pastel colours with some frills. It’s so cute and original, love it!

This is a simple one, but the detail on the back makes it so original. Also the pink shade is so perfect.

Next, we have one for those who like bold clothes. Because even though is really cute you will definitely not go unnoticed with this one!

And this one is just so beautiful with the ethnic pattern and the colour. But the back isn’t really my fave.

This one from Pepe Jeans it’s also so pretty and again, in pastel colours! It also has this different shape that adds a bit of originality.

Moving into Hollister, I like this with another slogan which is mermaid related. I just really like mermaid related things in Summer!

This one is similar but in black and some gold letters and as it says, be the sunshine. It’s a bit more formal, but still funny.

And finally, if you want to feel like if you were in the USA, this swimsuit is perfect for you!

And that’s it for this post! I hope you had a nice time while reading it and I wish a perfect Summer for all!


SHOP THE SWIMSUITS: Vaction Mood On / Baywatch / Sea Salt Hair / Floral Print / Frills / Pink / Digital / Ethinc Pattern / Tropical / Mermaid / Sunshine / United States

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10 thoughts on “Swimsuit Season”

  1. They’re all so pretty. My favorite is the red one with life guard written at the bottom right. Haven’t gotten enough confidence to try out one though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the same! They are so beautiful! Yes, the lifeguard one is one of mt favourtes. You really should try this Summer one of those because they look so good and girly! Love them!

      Liked by 1 person

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