Decorating For Spring

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

Today I wanted to share with you four simple garlands that can make your room feel like Spring. And now that the warm weather is here I think is time to let the fresh air go inside to our room.

That’s why a while ago I did four garlands that are really easy to do to decorate my bedroom for Spring. And today I’m sharing them with you. They are really simple to do,  that’s why I encourage you to do them and give to your bedroom another appearance.

The first one is the perfect one for Easter, maybe it’s a bit late, but I still have it hanging from my wall.

For this one you would only need some colorful paper and a bunny template. Then do it as many bunnies as you do cut them. Finally, stick them on a cute ribbon.

The next one is really cute and pinky. I think it’s the one to have during Summer and it’s just so easy to do even if you aren’t a crafty person.

To do this one I printed some cute phone wallpapers I searched on Pinterest. Then I cut them and stick it in a tape. And that’s it! Pretty easy, isn’t it?

And for those who love doughnuts, I have to one for you! This one is maybe a bit more complicated than the others, but the final result is amazing.

You will need a paper similar to doughnuts colour and some coloured gum eva. Then you draw the doughnut shape on the paper and cut them.

The next step is to cut the gum eva as if it was the icing on the doughnut and stick it to the other paper. Finally, you can draw little lines as if they were sprinkles and unite them with a ribbon.

And finally, for the nature lovers, we have a garland full of cactus. I find this one so cool and with the more natural tape it gives such a handmade touch.

First, we will cut a green paper in the shape of the cactus and then we will add some pink flowers. Finally, we will put them in the same ribbon and we will draw some crosses to make them more realistic.

And that’s all for this post! I hope you liked it and that I gave you some idea to decorate your bedroom or house for the warmer season.

Also, don’t forget to tell me in the comments which one is your favourite and if you are going to give it a go to this DIY!

Love, M.

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