Spring And Summer 2016/17 Fashion Trends

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m here with another fashion post. But this time instead of showing you some of my outfits I’m going to list for you five spring and summer trends that I really like. Because, as you know with a new season there are new trends.

Below, you will find five trends that I have seen a lot these days and that I like. I have also made a collage for you to get inspired and rock those trends. And I added some clothes from stores. Keep reading to get your daily dose of fashion!

1. Pink in all shades

During this season for sure we are going to find multiple shades of pink everywhere. In shoes, shirts, skirts, purses… But it will be mainly baby pink.

I totally like this trend as I have many pink things. And I also find this colour perfect for Spring if it is in a pastel colour and  for Summer in a more vibrant pink.


2. Big shinny, flattering and mysterious glasses

You know, that kind of glasses celebrities wear. They give a really sophisticated and elegant touch to your outfit and they combine with mainly everything.

In my opinion, they are such a good option for Summer and you get your eyes really covered. And they can also add a fun touch to your outfit!


3. Flowers everywhere

As Spring arrives, flowers begin to bloom and this season we would even see them in our clothes. From shoes to jeans going through swimwear.

I find this trend perfect for Spring and Summer, it gives such fresh touch to your outfit. I also really like embroidery flowers on jeans. It looks so cool!


4. Fishnet under it

Yes, fishnet under jeans, as socks or under shirts. It’s time to rock this trend! Mainly, you will find fishnet under mom jeans, but there are also some braver suggestions for this trend.

I personally really like it. I think it gives an original touch to your look. And takes to another level some ordinary jeans.

5. Logo Shirts

You may have already spotted this trend but, simple shirts with big logos are back. You will find all kinds of logos from Coca Cola to Gucci. A simple shirt with a twist.

I think this trend looks so good with simple jeans or a skirt and a logo shirt with it. It gives a special touch to the outfit.


6. Denim Jacket + Patches

A basic that can be so original if you add some patches. The cool thing about it is that you can choose your own patches and make it how you want it.

Or another way to wear it is an oversized jacket and some cool phrase on the back. I really like it and gives to the look a bit of originality.


7. Metallic Girl

A bold trend that can look so good. This one is not a so wearable on a daily basis, but it can look so cool for a special look. Or if you want to wear it everyday, just add little touches of metal to your outfit.

I think this trend can look so cool with tops or even with a jacket. It makes your outfit a lot more glamorous.


And that’s all for this post! I hope you liked it and that I gave some ideas for your Spring and Summer outfits!

Remember, comment below your favourite trend of the season!

Love, M.

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18 thoughts on “Spring And Summer 2016/17 Fashion Trends”

    1. Me too! And I can’t stop seeing pink everywhere. Oh! And denim, another obsession! ;) It’s nice to hear that you have taken part on the sunnies trend. I’m so happy you liked my post! And as you I also like to read those kind of posts!

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    1. Is one of my faves too! When I was searching all the ideas on Pinterest I couldn’t stop pinning photos of denim jackets as I like them a lot. Specially with patches or cooo phrases. And you?

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