When your shirt tells the truth…

Hello everybody and welcome back to my post!
Today I’m here to share with you an outfit. Yes, fashion posts are back! And now that the warm weather is arriving, I thought it was time to share a look for the Summer/Spring season.

I decided to combine some casual blue jeans that have this washed and ripped effect. And a basic black T-shirt, but it has something to make it special, in gold letters there is the word “BONITA” which means beautiful in Spanish.

I really liked this tee as it has that unique point of the gold letters that I’m really in to right now. And another thing I love about it, is that it has that shape of a baggy simple T-shirt.

To end the look I added a simple orange Converese and a purse I’m totally in love with. It was a gift and since the moment I saw it, I knew that I would like it. Is in this baby pink colour, so perfect for this time of the year and it has a star in the middle. Just amazing!

So this is my complete look! Don’t forget to scroll down to see more photos of this look. And tell me in the comments what you think about it!

I hope you liked it! And that you get some fashion inspiration from it!

Love, M

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Shoes CONVERSE: http://bit.ly/2mBHvGo

Blue Jeans SIMILAR: http://bit.ly/2p5Mvkv

T-Shirt ZARA: https://www.zara.com/uk/

Pink Purse SIMILAR: http://bit.ly/2pIynky

20 thoughts on “When your shirt tells the truth…”

  1. Hi! Hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think about it! Make sure to leave a comment telling your oppinion!
    And rememeber I’m always open to new suggestions or blog post ideas!


    1. Thanks girl! I’m so happy you liked it! I’m also a huge fan of lettering t-shrits but I have that strange habit of always reading what they say. So I try to be a cool phrase too.
      Thanks for reading!

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      1. I don’t find it strange at all to read the lettering! I actually hate if people are wearing shirts, that tell (in my opion anyway) really bad humour or just weird annoying things. It destroys the whole outfit!

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        1. Hahaha! Me neither but when a friend wears something with any kind of phrase I just stop her and read it. And sometimes they tell me that they don’t really know what puts in there. Which I don’t really understand, if you wear something it’s because you liked it! And before you should have read what’s in it. Isn’t it?

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