Blogging Tips & Secret Santa: Societiesdiary

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! As I said in the latest post of Blogmas by Marioness today, I’m going to be giving your Christmas gift from me. Because many people who reads me are also bloggers, I thought I will share with you some personal tips I have found useful during my blogging journey.

I know I’m not an expert and that I probably have less experience on blogging that some of my followers but this is what I find useful and what I think it can help you. Let’s start with the post!

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1. You should have a notebook to keep you organised. There you can write all your post ideas, when are you going to post them or start developing ideas. You can also use it for some blogging tips like this. If you do that, you will have all the blogging things in one space and it would be easier to find them.

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2. Also I recommend to have a strict schedule for when you post. It will help you with your organization through the week and also to don’t have to do all the work the last day. It will be also so cool if you let know your readers when are you going to post because like this they are going to come again to your blog when this time arrive.

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3. Make nice and original photos. You don’t have to get the ultimate camera for take cool photos. But you should think creatively when it comes to that, because some viewers will not read your text they will only see your photos. So try to make some good ones! You don’t always have to make it, you can search for a free resource (as I did in this post) or make a collage.

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4. Keep it simple and clear. Your home page should be simple and clear, at first sight viewers should see what’s your blog about and what you want from them. Also your menu should be easy to understand so don’t use neither long or complicated words. It would be easy for all to understand your blog and to attach more people to your blog.

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5. And finally, interact with your viewers. If some ones comment on your post reply it as soon as you can. Your followers will be thankful for that. It will also help you if you check out their blogs and leave some likes or comments. And also investigate new bloggers to expand your blog. It’s not so complicated to leave some comments and like this more people will be able to discover your blog.

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And now, I will reveal my Secret Santa! This is a cool proposal that Teenella, a blogger made. It consists in a Secret Santa between bloggers and now, it’s time to reveal mines!

Mine’s is Societiesdiary, an amazing blogger! She has had their blog for a few months but she is actually amazing! She is always leaving sweet comments and is very supportive! I hope your blog goes improves more and more this 2017!

You really have an amazing blog!


Best wishes for your blog and you the next year! And Happy Christmas!

And that’s all for this post! I hope you liked it and that it was helpful for you! This is my Christmas present to you!

I will talk to you after Christmas ends!

Happy Christmas!



32 thoughts on “Blogging Tips & Secret Santa: Societiesdiary

    • Your welcome! You really deserve all those nice words for being so positive and suportive! I really hope your Christmas go well and I can’t wait to read more of your posts!
      Keep with all the blogging work!


  1. This is so helpful, one of my goals through out the new year is to really become happy with my blogging content and hopefully make it ‘a safe corner of the internet’ to be able to help!!!
    I hope you had an amazing Christmas !

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  2. Those are useful tips! 😀
    I think a notebook would be great to write down ideas so that I can go back to it when I am clueless! 😀
    Thanks also for the likes! Wow so many likes! Really appreciate it!
    Followed you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. HI, Thanks for the tips! I am really new to all this and appreciate those of you who take the time to help out us newbies! And, thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out, I really do appreciate your time!

    Liked by 1 person

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