Day to Night Christmas Looks with AUrate

Hello everybody and welcome back to Blogmas by Marioness! Today in the 21st window of this advent calendar I’m sharing a very special post with you. But first, let me know in the comments how good has been your latest Christmas day.

So a month ago AUrate New York contacted me and asked me if I would like to make a collaborative post with them. And this is how I learned about AUrate New York and collaborated on a style project! I instantly thought about doing some kind of outfit ideas and after days of work here you have the result: Today I’m going to be sharing with you two Christmas looks that can easily be processed from day to night. I hope you like it!


First, let me explain you something about AUrate, a company that produces gold jewelry. I have to say that they are on the pricy side because their pieces are a very expensive purchase but their designs are amazing. I also like the first phase that appears in their web: “STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU WILL FALL FOR EVERYTHING”. I find it very inspirational and such a great way to welcome you to their site.

They also have some cool concepts like AURATE GIVES BACK, A BOOK FOR YOUR LOOK. By that they mean that for every piece of jewelry sold, they give a school book to a child in need. Down you have a link to their website if you want to discover more about it:

Now let’s start with the post!

First things first, and by that I mean the first outfit! For this one, I decided to combine velvet, a very trendy tissue right now as I said in my tendencies post. And a faux fur jacket, I don’t have any of this and honestly, I don’t know if I will use it but I really like it.


During the day to keep it more comfortable I will wear some flat shoes like a ballerina one’s that are really in this season. If I have to go to one place to another I will put on a set of warming clothes by that I mean a beanie hat (I especially love the ones that have two pompons) and gloves.

And for the hair I will wear a loose hairstyle if you want to go more formal you can softly wave your hair and it would look amazing. And don’t forget to wear a jacket! In this outfit I choose a beautiful faux fur jacket.

Finally, in the jewelry section I will keep it simple with no bracelets or necklaces but I will wear some thin rings and a pearl ring that combines with the earrings.


To bring this look to the night, I will change my flat shoes to a high heels one. I think it can look so cool a black high knee boots and it would give to your outfit a more chic touch. Then, I will also change my hairstyle for a more elaborate one. For this one I have thought of a messy bun that it’s so easy to do, but it gives an elegant touch to your look.

In the evening, I will change all my jewelry and wear a full pack of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. In this case flower themed.


Now we move into the next outfit. For this one I decided to combine a tulle skirt that is very elegant but also super original. For the day I will use a cool sweatshirt with a phrase or a quote and to keep me warmer a leather jacket. In terms of shoes, I will use a comfortable sneakers like the Adidas Superstar.


For the hair, I will do an easy-to-do ponytail and I will add a scrunchie. I will also wear some bold earrings that I really love with some wings, a bracelet and a necklace and finally to give a more casual touch an anklet.


Then for the night, I will change the up part of the look for a more comfortable and soft jersey in a white cream colour. Then I will put on some black high heels and finally on the hair I will try to make a braid.

To give a more elegant touch I will a pearl necklace, but a bit original that combines with the ring and another thin ring. Finally, I will add the final touch with some pearl earrings and a rose gold bracelet.


If you have loved this post (I hope you had!), don’t forget to click the like button to help me and reach a huge amount of likes. Because the best posts will be shared in AUrate social media. Thanks for reading it!

And that’s all for this post! I hope you liked it and that you get some inspiration for your holiday outfits!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk to you tomorrow!



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