That’s Christmas To Me

Hello everybody!!!!! And welcome back to Blogmas by Marioness. It’s time to reveal the 17th window of Blogmas by Marioness! But first, how it’s your Christmas going??? Are you enjoying all my Christmassy posts? Tell me about it in the comments below, I will be so happy to hear about it.

If you are new here let me give you a warm welcome and introduce you Blogmas by Marioness, a huge advent calendar. By that I mean that every single day I will be posting something about Christmas. So let Christmas begin and subscribe to this blog to help me sparkle it!


For today’s post I will be doing something more personal and share with you what’s Christmas for me. Everyone lives Christmas in his own way; you have different experiences, different traditions… So today I will share mines and if you want to join me and let me know in the comments what’s Christmas to you, I encourage you to do it!

When I thought about Christmas I instantly think in many other words that for me are related like lights, family, joy, tree, Nativity, happiness, presents and we could continue.

Let’s be honest, it’s all about the family and Christmas but who doesn’t like a good present? I find so cool to wake up on Christmas day and make the “Tió” poop to discover all the new gifts that he has given to you. Another gift giving action I also really like is Secret Santa or The Invisible Friend. I do this in many different sites and I love all the ceremony. Picking one name, then if you want wrote some clues for it and finally give the present you have prepared or bought.

Christmas, it’s also time to spend time with the loved ones. Personally, in my family we see each other a lot but for those families who can’t see each other so frequently, the Holidays are the perfect time to came all together. We do many activities together and I find them really fun and Christmassy. So family time is definitely a Christmas thing.

When someone says Christmas, it also reminds me of all the beautiful songs you can found out there. As I said many times, when Christmas is approaching its time to play non stop those Christmas songs you love the most and let the Christmas spirit go out.

It’s also time to do something for charity and it’s easy because in Christmas many associations do things for the ones who need it. For example where I live we have the “Marató de TV3”, a solidarity project that every single year allocates the money collected to research a different type of illness. We also have “El Gran Recapte” another project that collects food for the needy ones. They are all big projects that many people collaborate with but you can also find more little ones. Or you can work with a little activity that involves one big project as I did today selling handmade Christmas decorations with my school for the “Marató de TV3”.


If you want to know more about these projects I leave you the links here:

Marató de TV3:

El Gran Recapte: (in Catalan)

And because the New Year is nearly here it’s time to set new challenges and purposes. See what you want to achieve next year and start planning about it. Maybe you want to get fit or stop eating something or simply be happier. You may not finish the year with it or yes and then you will feel so proud of yourself.

I also can’t forget big meals! Every country has their own typical dishes but in Christmas they are all quite similar with one thing, abundance. You know these meals that seem to never finish or the delicious food everyone decides to cook, this it’s also part of Christmas.

And at last but not by that means least, happiness and joy. It’s time to be happy and thankful! We have such a great time with all those funny things so we are mostly happy.

So I don’t think there is only a word to describe Christmas, but if I have to choose I will say WONDERFUL and CHRISTMAS!

That’s all for this post! I hope you really liked reading this and that it makes you think about what Christmas really means to you.

We all have different feelings so I will be super happy f you share your opinions with me, you may even don’t like Christmas and that’s totally acceptable so share your opinion with all us!

See you tomorrow keeping with Christmas things!




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