Cards To Say Merry Christmas

Hello everybody and welcome to Blogmas Day 16!! Today’s post in Blogmas by Marioness is going to be some of my favourites ideas about cards to say Merry Christmas to the loved ones. So if you still haven’t got any ideas, stay tuned for some amazing cards!

If you are new here, HI! And welcome to my little blog, Marioness. During the Countdown to Christmas I have decided to share with you a post every single day. So if you love Christmas and want some ideas or really like Christmassy posts, join me in the posts that remain by following this blog. Welcome to Blogmas by Marioness!


Now that Christmas is nearly here, it’s time to start thinking about the Christmas card. Not everyone does that, but most people do it. And it’s always hard to find the perfect idea, the one that no one has never seen or the one that it’s not repeated. So today I’m here for this! To give you some cool ideas about your Christmas cards! Let’s start with the post!

First of all I want to talk you about washi tapes, a material I discovered a few years ago when I started doing Scrapbooking. It’s a  tape that it’s normally decorated with a pattern, in the last years it has become more popular and now you can find them nearly everywhere.

Now that Christmas is coming you can find many of them with some Christmas decorations. And I think it could work perfectly in any Christmas figure for a card. Down you have some ideas I have found!

Easy DIY Holiday Crafts - Forest of Fabric - Click pic for 25 Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas for Kids Washi Tape Christmas Card                                                                                                                                                                                 More                                                                                                                                                                                 More Today is my day on the Stitch|Craft Create Handmade Christmas Decorations Blog Hop. And Im... handmade Christmas card from <a … black and white with a bit of gold … washi tape strips … Stampin’ Up!” width=”132″ height=”185″ />

Next, I have also found some cool ideas with finger prints. Especially if you have kids and you want them to get involved in this, I find this idea very simple and easy to do. Also, if you aren’t super into crafts, but you still want to do something handmade this can perfectly work with you.

You will only use some finger paint and some markers, so it’s all pretty easy to get. And then it’s all up to you and how difficult you want it to be.

türk finger print card each storytimer could make serveral. xmas This is a fun & easy way to decorate your christmas cards. DIY fingerprint wreath. Elf fingerprint card This hands-on Christmas card. | 23 DIY Christmas Cards You Can Make In Under An Hour:

Another original idea, is making a tree, Christmas balls or any sort of Christmas decoration with thread. It’s a really customizable one, you can change the thread, the little decorations or the cardboard.

You just have to make some holes following the pattern and then pass the thread. This one is very original and beautiful! I really like it!

- I think I could have the kids make these to add to cards? Love it!! joulukortti christmas Stitched Tree Card - The Twinery Handmade Christmas Card - Reindeer Christmas Card - for mummy, daddy can be personalised (with jute and button detailing) Get stoked for back to school with these fun DIY projects. Embroidered Cards by Koto Designs:  Cute diy Xmas cards, Tandis will love it.

We also have the always used 3D effect. If you want to give a 3D touch there are many ideas out there and they all look amazing. You can add some volume objects like some nuts or buttons or follow some of the tutorials out there

One that I think that looks amazing on trees or Christmas balls is to make the same shapes and then hold them and put it together. It’s an easy way that looks wonderful and it’s really easy to do.

Image Search Results for diy christmas cards Google Image Result for <a…” width=”284″ height=”213″ /> Can't wait to make these!The art of handmade holiday cards is a treasure for the creator and recipient alike. This season, try your hand at one of our many holiday-card craft ideas. Whether the sentiment is embossed, decked in ribbon, or encasing a prized photograph, the extra time will be well worth it when your cards are opened.:  50  Creative Homemade Christmas Cards Showcase, <a…,” width=”149″ height=”183″ /> handmade Christmas card ... luv the green patterned paper stars with top layer folded up ... clean graphic look .. fun card!! pop up 3D snowflake More

And finally, today I wanted to share with you the hanging ones. By that I mean cards that have some hanging things. It doesn’t need to be really hanging, but it can simulate it.

You can put some paper snowflakes hanging or draw some letters and make it like if they were hanging. It’s completely up to you! But I find it a very Christmas idea.

SU Good Greetings - Sentiment, Stars Framelits dies *Two stars cut out with the smallest die from the Stars Framelits die set, with Silver and red Glimmer paper behind (Oct 17, 2014) Cute holiday cards for kids to make.  Simple enough for a preschool project. Free Printable from Activities For Kids.:  Card, greeting card, invite, invitation, celebrate, paper, art, card design, designs, card idea, greetings, notes, message, sweet nothings, occasions, special occasions cute Christmas card - star (or snowflake) & letter stamps Stampin Up à la main carte de Noël suspendus par treehouse05 I'm in Haven: CAS(E) This Sketch! <a class=#9” width=”114″ height=”173″ /> Merry Christmas handmade christmas wooden mdf decoration plaque

And that’s all for this post! I hope you liked it and that as always you get some inspiration! If you have some Christmas ideas for the next posts, I will be happy to hear it!

Do you make Christmas cards? If you do which one is your idea this year? Also tell me which one you liked the most!

See you tomorrow with another Christmas post!



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