Christmas Inspiration: Crafts

Hello everybody!!! And welcome to Blogmas day…. 15th!!! It’s time to revel today’s window and let the magic of Christmas begin!

If you are new here, Hi! And let me give you a huge hug and welcome you to Blogmas by Marioness! An advent calendar where a window will be shown every single day until Christmas Eve. I hope you like it and that you join me in this festive journey!

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For today’s post I thought I will keep with the #Christmas Inspiration series and share with you some easy crafts you can easily do at home during the Christmas holidays or before. As always I have previously done a look through Pinterest and now I’m going to share some of my faves with you but, if you still haven’t enough ideas you can go and check out my Pinterest for more ideas.

All the photos will be linked to its site!

Now it’s arriving this time that people get more crafty and start doing things to give or to decor his house for Christmas. So I thought this post will be perfect for any of you that is running out of ideas this year. Let’s start with the post!

I will start with the ones you will need some natural things mostly branches or pines.

This is so cute anytime. Pinecone Owls - 20 Magical DIY Christmas Home Decorations You'll Want Right Now   Living Room Christmas Decorations- would like to do for those used Yankee Candle jars....perfect reuse and recycle Pine Cone Christmas Trees | Click Pic for 22 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas on a Budget | Last Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Home

Moving into some DIY Christmas trees, an essential during this season!

Create these super easy (and inexpensive!) felt trees for a fraction of the price! Find the tutorial at <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Littlehouseoffour...</a> Made with a paper cone and yarn. Dip the yarn in Elmer's glue and while it's wet wrap it around the cone. Let it dry completely and then remove it from the cone. Then decorate! Easy way to make felted Christmas tree Christmas Tree Corner Bookmarks – Origami for KidsI like this DIY. This creation describe a great craft. If you love this type of idea please discover my blog for <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">moredo-it-yoursel...</a>...                These popsicle stick Christmas trees are SO EASY to make and they're so beautiful! The kids loved decorating them! Such an awesome dollar store Christmas craft idea!!                    Spread some holiday cheer and decorate your home with these DIY Pinecone Christmas Trees. Create your own mini pinecone trees with spray paint and wine corks. Set up a little pine tree forest on the mantle, or take some to a local elderly home for the holidays. Disney is sharing the joy this holiday season by giving to deserving kids and families. To find out ways you can help make your community healthier, happier, and stronger, visit

And for the snowy ones, here it goes! Some snowman and snowflakes!

DIY No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft for Kids and Grownups. Such a fun DIY Gift Idea Snowman Donuts - What a cute idea for a classroom snack or fun treat for the kids! Cutting out snowflakes is one of our favorite holiday traditions! Learn how to cut snowflakes with this video tutorial and free snowflake templates. Easy Christmas or winter craft for kids. Clothespin Snowman Craft for Kids - Fun Snowman Crafts for Kids to Make Balloon String Art Snowman | 18 Snowman Ideas To Populate Your Homestead | Cute And Creative Crafts For A Festive Holiday by Pioneer Settler at <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>

And I finally find some random ones for you!

<a class="pintag" href="/explore/Christmas/" title="#Christmas explore Pinterest">#Christmas</a> light chalk stencil art - a quick <a class="pintag" href="/explore/holiday/" title="#holiday explore Pinterest">#holiday</a> <a class="pintag" href="/explore/art/" title="#art explore Pinterest">#art</a> project for kids Mason jars have been popping out of canning cupboards and appearing in more unexpected places around the home for a while now. Whether you use them to create stylishly spooky decor for Halloween or get creative with decorative DIYs for the Winter holidays, it's clear they make an ideal canvas. Lighted Burlap Garland - 20 Jaw-Dropping DIY Christmas Party Decorations | GleamItUp Geschenkpapier selber bedrucken, DIY Geschenkpapier, Kartoffeldruck, DIY Stempel, stempeln

And that’s all for this Christmas inspiration post! I hope you liked it and that you get some ideas for getting creative this holidays! Tell me in the comments which one you liked the most and if you are going to do any crafty thing this Christmas!

If you still havent enough Christmas Inspiration from me you can check out the others posts of this series here, here or here. I have made a Christmas Wallpaper, a Christmas Jumpers and a Christmas Hairstyles and Nails post. I hope you have fun reading it!

Talk to you tomorrow with more Christmas posts! Next post will be something special you will love so stay tune and follow me if you haven’t already to be aware of it!





15 thoughts on “Christmas Inspiration: Crafts

  1. Loving all these blogmas posts, but I have to admit I can’t do crafts for my LIFE. These are all so cute though–it makes me wish I could!

    Those owls especially are adorable, and probably my favorite! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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