Christmas Touches Everywhere

Hello everybody!!! And welcome to today’s post! It’s time to open the 14th window of Blogmas by Marioness! But first let me tell you Merry Christmas! I think that now is safe to say it. So how has your Christmas been so far?? I hope that well!

If you are new here, first of all HI! And welcome to Blogmas by Marioness. A huge advent calendar where a window will be revealed! Join me in this Christmas journey by following my blog!

Today’s post is a collaboration with Diversion300. A girl with an amazing blog! She is also doing the same post in her blog if you want to check it out!

Diversion 300:


In this post I’m going to share with you some of the decoration I have at home to make it feel more like Christmas and more festive. And next you will find some cute photos from a shop full of Christmas things!

We will first start with my home decoration. We obviously have the Christmas tree and for many years we have had the natural one so every December we go, bought one and decor it with red and gold colours. It’s a part of the Christmas ritual!

We also have the Nativity, in fact two of them! We have the more elegant one and the other made of bits and bobs. But I like all of them!

And I can’t miss the “Tió”! A trunk that if you feed it, poops gifts on the 24th or 25th of December. If you want to check more about this Catalan traditions and other ones, click here.

And finally we have spread some other Christmas decorations around the house like some squares hanging from the door, the Nativity in magnets or some kings.


Next, I will show you some photos I made the last weekend in a beautiful shop while I was buying my Christmas tree. I find them very beautiful and I think you can get some inspiration for some crafts or decorations.

Mostrando IMG_20161208_112030.jpg   Mostrando IMG_20161208_112038.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_112314.jpgMostrando IMG_20161208_112023.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_111936.jpg

Mostrando IMG_20161208_112120.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_112247.jpgMostrando IMG_20161208_112254.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_112211.jpgMostrando IMG_20161208_111746.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_111722.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_111804.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_111708.jpg

Mostrando IMG_20161208_112755.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_112740.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_112927.jpgMostrando IMG_20161208_112537.jpg Mostrando IMG_20161208_112523.jpg

I hope you got some inspiration from it and that also has made you feel more Christmassy!
That’s all for this post! I hope you liked it and that you have a good time reading it.

Tell me in the comments if you have already put your Christmas decorations at home and how much decorated are the shops around you!

I will talk to you tomorrow with more Christmas posts! Also don’t forget to follow me for more Christmas posts!



Ps. Thank you all for 181 followers!!

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