Christmas Inspiration: Jumpers

Hello everybody!!! And welcome back to another post!!! Today the 13th windows of Blogmas by Marioness! And I couldn’t be more excited to share with you some super cute Christmas jumpers I have found online! This is the third part of #Christmas Inspiration, if you want to check out the last ones, click here or here. I hope you like it!


If you are new here, HI! And welcome to Blogmas by Marioness! A huge advent calendar in my blog where one window will be revealed every single day until Christmas Eve! Join this Christmassy journey by following this blog and let the magic of Christmas begin!

Let’s start with the post! But first of all, let me tell you that this post has been organized by online shops so jumpers from the same boutique are put together. Like this I thought it would be easier for you to read and also if you don’t have a certain type of shop where you live you can easily skip it.

As always all will be linked! So if you click on the image, you will be directed to it’s site.

So I will first start with Pull & Bear, a shop that I have bought a few clothes over the last years. They have some beautiful things more in the teen’s side and in a reasonable price.


From the Pull & Bear, I really like the fact that there are some T-shirts for the ones that spend the Christmas in summer. And also the red one that it’s not so Chrsitmassy for those who don’t like a lot Christmas.

We continue with H&M a shop that I have bought several times and that I find out they have a huge line of Christmas things with a wide variety of jumpers.


In this shop you will find really nice jumpers at a really good price, all of them don’t pass the 15. If you are also not super Christmassy you will love them, but if you look trough their site, you will see some crazy Christmas things like a Christmas tree costume!

Now we move into Boden, a shop that I discover while I was trying to find some Christmas jumpers. And here I find some really adorable ones!


This one is more on the pricey side, but you will find some really cute knitted jumpers. I particularly like the last one with some 3D baubles.

As always ASOS has a good selection of Christmas jerseys of all ranges. So there you will find yours whatever you are looking for.


I love all three, but I really like the red one with its phrase, mostly because I have recently listened to the Spice Girls songs. But the second one is also really adorable and easy to combine.

And that’s all for this post! I hope you liked it and that as always you get some inspiration for this Christmas with these cute jumpers. And also how Christmassy you are feeling right now!

Tell me in the comments if you already have a Christmas jumper or which one you liked the most, I’m always happy to read your lovely comments!

See you in the next post,



7 thoughts on “Christmas Inspiration: Jumpers

    • So this can give you some ideas! Oh! That’s so excitintg, going shopping!!! 🙂 I wish I will be going to do that tomorrow! Yes, tell me which one you have bought to get more cute ideas!

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