Christmas Scrapbooking

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today is time for Crafty Blogmas! If you are new here first, let me give you a huge welcome! Also, I hope you are so far enjoying my Christmas posts! If you have any suggestions for new posts tell me in the comments and I will keep it in mind.


Yes, you heard this right, today I’m going to share with you some easy peasy crafts you can do during this countdown for Christmas. I’m going to show you how to do one scrapbooking tag that you can use to decorate your house for Christmas, to make more beautiful your Christmas tree or for customize your wraps.


When the Holidays arrive everybody get’s more creative. We want to bake something, do more crafts,… Mostly do all the things we can’t do all the year round because we are busy. So now that we have more time we take advantage and we put our hands on some new projects.


And that’s why today I’m sharing with you one tag you can do and also some scrapbooking ideas to get creative during this season!

First of all a really easy Christmas tag you can use for mostly everything !


The tag I’m going to show you is made with a Christmas/Winter quote. You can use any quote you want or even make a few with different ones. For this we are going to need:


  • Cardstock of 12 cm X 7 cm. You can really make this with the sizes you want, but these are the ones I used.
  • White watercolour, a brush and some water
  • Blue Washitape
  • Silver glitter
  • A white pencil and an inkpad with a cool phrase
  • A blue button, some brown thread and a jingle bell
  • Scissors and glue
  • This is what I used, but you can of course make it with the things you have at home or prefer.



  • First, we cut the high corners and we make a hole with the drilling machine.
  • Next, we put some Washitape on the lower corners and ink the cool phrase near them.
  • After, we write the quote with a white pencil and then with the watercolour.
  • Then, we draw the little white circles that are supposed to be snow with a white pencil.
  • Finally, we put some glue around the letters and we stick the glue.


And that’s all! Isn’t it easy? What you think about it? Tell me in the comments what you think!

I have also thought that a part of a cool quote you can put the names of who goes the present, a beautiful drawing or even some words that define Christmas such as Lights, Happiness, Tree…


And next you have some ideas for doing some scrapbooking this Holiday, if some of you don’t know Scrapbooking means book of retails like photos, different papers, glitter, stickers… I encourage you to try it and tell me how it was!

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Here it’s a Christmas Scrapbooking I did last holidays. What do you think about it?

And that’s all for this crafty post! I hoped you liked it and that you get inspired for doing some crafts this holidays! Tell me in the comments if you are going to do something in this post!

Talk to you tomorrow in a new Christmas post!



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    • Thank you!! Yes, it’s simple but it can be esaily used for everyting! That’s so sweet to say! I’m super happy that you are loving it and how it’s all going!
      Please help me to spread my blog by telling about it to people who may liked it!


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