Things To Do Before Christmas


Hello everybody and welcome to the first day of Blogmas!!! Yay! I’m super excited for this and you???

If you are new here and don’t know what’s all this about, I’m going to be posting everyday until Christmas Eve. I decided that what better period for doing something special than Christmas? So I decided to share with you some Christmas things I like to sparkle the Christmas Vibes all around. That means I’m going to be posting 24 different posts in the 24 days until Christmas.

For the first post of this Christmas series, I’m going to share with you my bucket list or main things to do for this countdown to Christmas. Which is yours?

1.Go to a Christmas market

I think that this one is a most if you want to get completely on all the Christmas vibes. Going to one of them it’s really magical with all the boutiques full of Christmas related things, the beautiful lights and the cold air that calls Winter.

2. Play Christmas songs all around the house

What’s better than Christmas songs?? They are all really beautiful and magical. So let’s sing then loud, listen to it while we go to school/work or in the car and finally let’s play them all around the house while we do Christmas things.
3. Go for a walk to your town or big city and enjoy all the Christmas vibes

Go for a relaxing walk, get you a hot drink and admire all the Christmas decorations around you. I promise that it’s magical and perfect for a Christmas lover!
4. Decorate your Christmas tree and house

I mean, this is ESSENTIAL for Christmas. So purchase a tree, take out your fairy lights and have a good time decorating your Christmas Tree. And if you still haven’t got enough Christmas stuff, what about decoring the whole house?? It’s all about Christmas this days, so don’t be shy to share your Christmas passion and get creative!!

5. Drink some chocolate with your favourite cookies

A most!! Hot drinks like Hot Chocolate are so perfect for this time of year and if you aren’t fan of chocolate you can take some tea or coffee. And for topping make your favourite handmade cookies and enjoy the snack!

6. Cook some typical Christmas dish or dessert
You are probably going to have guests during the holidays because it’s the best time to stay with friends and family. So instead of freaking out enjoy it! And by that I mean to do a reasearch on Pinterest looking for the dish and have fun doing it!

7. Watch Christmas films and read a Christmas book
In a next post I will tell you some ideas but for me it feels so Christmas sitting on the sofa and enjoy a book or a film meanwhile the fairy lights of the tree are on. What about you??

8. Do something for charity

It’s the best time for being charitable and make actions. You will help others but it also makes you feel good. It doesn’t have to be a big thing but little by little we can help a lot.

9. Prepare your Christmas cards and have fun decorating
Many of us prepare a little gift for our loved ones when this time of the year arrives such as a card or a little DIY. This year make it funny and be creative!

10. Make a DIY about Christmas

As I said before Christmas is the best time for doing some DIY’s. I find so cool to scroll trough Pinterest and get inspired. You can do some cute things like little Christmas trees with branches or some centerpieces
11. Complete the advent calendar
This is another essential, because how can you celebrate Christmas if you haven’t still complete the Advent Calendar?? Apart is so cool all the chocolates or little gifts you get, they are a perfect pre-Christmas gift!

12. Spend time with your family and  friends

Around this time of year we all want to stay with family and friends, play games together or simply talk. So it’s so beautiful to sit around a table and play games, eat tasty food and have a good time with your loved ones.

13. Go out ans take some photos

When Christmas is around the corner all the streets become more beautiful. The lights are on, the streets are decorated so it’s the perfect time to go out and take some cool photos. And don’t forget to caption the Christmas feeling with simple details.

14. Put on your coziest outfit

It’s getting colder and colder so to keep you warm and festive put on the coziest outfit you can imagine. Form scarves to hats and Christmas jumpers. Which one is your coziest outfit??

15. Go to Pinterest and search for Christmas related things

Now that we have more time it’s so cool to search in Pinterest Christmas related things. There you will find from DIY to outfits but also cool dishes. And don’t forget to follow me in Pinterest!!
And that’s all for today! I hope you liked it!! If you think that something is missing don’t desire and complete the list in the comment!
If you have any suggestion say it down below and I will keep them in mind!

And don’t forget to follow me for more Christmas posts!



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