Autumn Post Compilation

Hello everybody! First of all I want to say thank you! Thank you to the people that read me, like me and follows me. I’m so happy that my blog is growing so much and that new people discover it every day. THANK YOU!

So because new people have arrived and that Autumn is coming to its end( I know it’s still a while to finish) I decided to do a compilation of the 5 posts that have had more views or likes. They are mostly about Autumn to let you enjoy the days that remain before the countdown to Christmas begin. I hope you liked these posts as much as I do!

And if you stay until the end a big surprise is waiting for you! Let’s start with the Top 5!

Winter and Autumn 2016/17 Fashion Trends


First things first, this is a post I did a long ago when I first started blogging, but I think is totally worth it. It is a resume about the fashion tendencies of this Autumn and Winter. I put so much work on it and I really enjoyed doing it so I hope you like it. Now that Autumn it’s been here for a long I have to say that the tendencies I have seen more and absolutely love are velvet, “winter” chokers and the ballet style. Another one I have seen is the one with a dress on top of a shirt.

Top 10 Books I Recommend


Now, moving into the more intellectual side, I did a post about 10 books I absolutely recommend reading. It’s been like two and a half months, but it just seems ages. Here you will find the typical books like Harry Potter, but also more different ones that are not so popular. I think that this list is perfect for the rainy days that are approaching. As I said in previous posts I love reading when it’s rainy and cold outside. What about you??

The Autumn Tag


So meanwhile we can still enjoy the latest Autumn days, why not read this post about Autumn. You will find what I like the most when it comes to Autumn and my favourite essentials. I also nominate everyone that reads this to do it!! It’s really fun! In Autumn I really like scarves and thick jerseys. I also like the colours on the trees and the atmosphere. Go and check it out! 

Springfield Haul


Last month I went shopping and I bought so many clothes from Springfield a shop that I absolutely love. It has very beautiful clothes, but they keep it normal and no so shrill. In this post I share with you all the things I bought from a flannel to garnet trousers. I was really excited to share this post because with it you discover my style and the things I like. I also really like reading clothes hauls so I think this one is totally worth it. What do you think?

One Lovley Award


Recently I was nominated by LuiMaria, an amazing blogger to make the One Lovely Award. And surprisingly it got a big amount of views!! So it deserves to be in the top 5! Here I list 10 random facts about me to let you know me a little bit more! So if you are a little bit curious, go and check it out!! And if I didn’t nominee you, but you want to do it, feel free to do it. And don’t forget to link it down below to let me see it!!

And here it comes a bonus one!

Autumn & Winter Lookbook


I mean, I really need to add this! It’s very Autumnal and I just love it. It’s my Autumn/Winter Lookbook, in this post I show you 4 outfits that are perfect for this time of year. I put so much effort on it so I’m so glad that many people like it and find it beautiful. Thank you! And if you haven’t seen it, go and check it out! I think you will love it!

And here it finishes my Autumn Post Compilation post, I hope you like it! But before I end this post I want to announce something:

As you know, Christmas is approaching and this year I decided to do BLOGMAS!!!!

That means that I’m going to be posting every single day a different post Christmas and Winter related!!! I’m really excited for this, what about you???

In this series I’m going to be posting about different topics and it would be full of surprises and amazing things!!!

Let Christmas begin!!!

So here it is all I wanted to tell you, if you have any post suggestion leave it down below and I would be happy to know it. And don’t forget to say in the comments which post is your fave!



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