Springfield Haul


Hello everybody and welcome back! A few days ago I went shopping and I finished with a lot of different clothes from one shop, Springfield. So that’s why I decided to share them with you. I hope you like it and that it gives you some fashion inspiration!


First of all, all this is from SPRINGFIELD. It’s a shop that I discovered last winter and since there I have been really liking all the clothes they made. I will totally recommend if you are looking for some girly clothes with a good value for money. Although they have some more precious things you can always find some discounts.

All the links and prices are down below. Go and check them out!

The first thing I bought were two pants, one was a black jean and the other a garnet trouser. They are both very comfortable and easy to combine with anything.


The black/grey ones fit very well with your body and they have a lovely colour which is perfect for Winter and the cold season that is coming. And it’s also a basic for your wardrobe because you are going to use it always.












The second one is a little bit more original because it’s garnet but it’s also super combinable, you can match it with a grey or black jumper or even with a sweater. I personally think that this colour is very autumnal and that makes me love them even more.

Next, I bought different long sleeve shirts. The first one is a simple shirt, but the ribbed knit gives to it a special touch. Also, this kind of material is very fashionable right now and I think it’s perfect for the cold season. As all the clothes I bought it’s easy to combine and perfect to wear it under a jumper or sweater because it’s a plain colour.


And then I also purchase a more floral one and at the bottom it has some lace. I have never had this type of shirt that is made of a light material so I decided to give it a try. And also all this floral pattern, but with more autumn colour are really in right now.



And of course I bought a flannel T-shirt because it has been a while since I didn’t have one. The one I bought it’s dark blue, sky blue, pink and white, this four colours make a great combination that it’s super girly. I also have seen so many people wearing this type of shirt and I thought that it’s perfect for Autumn and Winter.


Finally, I bought two jumpers, the first one is made of jacquard and it has a lovely border made of different pinks, blue and other colours. I’m in love with this jumper! It’s also super cozy and it warms you a lot. Perfect for cold days!









And last but not least a sweatshirt, I wanted one for so long, so I get this one. It’s not super extraordinary, but it has a very cute flowers with garnet and some cool letters on it. I think it’s going to be a fave of mine! I’m going to combine it with the garnet pants above and I think they are going to make a perfect match.

IMG_3658.JPG IMG_3662.JPG

And that’s all for today’s post! I hope you like it and that you find it inspirational! Comment down below which one you like the most or any favourite shop when it comes to clothes. Also tell me if you like my fashion posts and any suggestions!

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5 POCKETS TROUSERS(29,99€): http://myspringfield.com/gb/en/woman/trousers/5-pockets-trousers/6838375.html?dwvar_6838375_color=79#start=1

 JEGGING DENIM TROUSERS(24,99€): http://myspringfield.com/gb/en/woman/jeans/jegging-denim-trousers/6848176.html?dwvar_6848176_color=01#prefn1=colorNumber&prefv1=BLACK&start=1

RIBBED KNIT DRESS(12,99€): http://myspringfield.com/gb/en/woman/t-shirts/ribbed-knit-dress/6762751.html?dwvar_6762751_color=41#start=1

PRINTED T-SHIRT WITH LACE(12,99€): http://myspringfield.com/gb/en/woman/t-shirts/printed-t-shirt-with-lace/6762581.html?dwvar_6762581_color=33#start=1

WASH EFFECT CHECKED SHIRT(24,99€): http://myspringfield.com/gb/en/woman/shirts/wash-effect-checked-shirt/6798675.html?dwvar_6798675_color=70#start=1

PRINTED JACQUARD JUMPER(29,99€): http://myspringfield.com/gb/en/woman/jumpers/printed-jacquard-jumper/1338080.html?dwvar_1338080_color=98#start=1

MIDWEST VARSITY’ SWEATSHIRT (24,99€): http://myspringfield.com/gb/en/woman/sweatshirts/midwest-varsity-sweatshirt/1088327.html?dwvar_1088327_color=41#start=1

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  1. Hi Marioness! The ones that I prefer are the black pants and the jacquard jumper!
    Congrats for the blog! Hopefully you reached the 100 followers right now!

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