Sport Mini Haul + Workout

Hello everybody and welcome back to another post! Today I’m going to share you some sport clothes I bought for this Winter and Autumn and if you read to the end you will have an amazing workout for you to practice.

First of all, each of the pieces are from Decathlon you can check out its web here: If you don’t know what it is, Decathlon is basically a huge shop where you can find all types of clothes and material you need for practicing any type of sport. And I will totally recommend it because they have very good clothes for low prices, although the quality is not always the best. But when I buy sport clothes I usually bought them in Decathlon. So let’s start with the haul!

The first thing I bought were this pair of sport leggins. You just have to look at it and they have an awesome printed that I just love. I have used them a few times and they are very comfortable and practical. When I bought them I also saw some other prints and colour, but the ones I like the most were this one. The first one it’s blue and it has like some type of scales on it. And the second one, it’s purple and a peachy pink with some drawings that for me are like some kind of constellations. The purple one is also a three quarter leg so it’s perfect for this time of year when it’s still a little bit hot. I think that they are both very beautiful and you can be stylish while you are working out.



The next thing I bought was a jumper. This is a simple jumper that I’m going to use before doing sport at school on the cold days. It’s grey and it has written on it: TIME TO SHINE. And because I love quotes and supportive phrases I think it will be perfect for me. It’s very cozy and perfect for cooler days. I will wear it no only when you are going to do sport, but it could also give a sporty touch into your outfit. So I think I’m going to wear it a lot this autumn and winter.


I also pick up a T-shirt, but I bought mthis one thinking exclusively for wearing it while I dance. Although when the spring and summer arrive (I know it’s still a bit of time) I maybe wear it as a casual garment. As you may already know I love phrase shirts so in this one it says: CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP. It’s from a lovely pink that it’s a little bit neon and I just really like it!


And now, we all need underwear clothes. So I bought four pairs of socks. The first ones are in a really neon pink and they arrive until the ankle. And the others are in an electric blue and it covers you a little bit more above the ankle. They are all very soft and perfect for practising sport.



And finally I catch three sports bras. Two of them are the same design but in different colours, blue and pink (Yeah, I really like the combination of these two colours). And I think they are very simple. And the second one is more prepared and it has different shades of pink which I really like.




And that’s all about the haul now if you still reading this long post you will find a workout I design and I use exclusively for you.


It contents a lots of different moves, but you don’t have to do it all at the same time. You can separte them.

And that’s all for today! I hope you like it this more sporty post and that you enjoy reading it. Tell me in the comments down below which garment you like the most and if you are going to use the workout!



Ps. As always remember I have a Pinterest and a Bloglovin’ account!

16 thoughts on “Sport Mini Haul + Workout”

    1. Thank you!! I think its a really cool place to go for more sporty clothes. If you want to get started I linked a free workout costumised by me. I think you coul give it a try!

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    1. Haha! Yes, for me it’s a great way to do sport if you know you are wearing things you like!! You have a free PDF of some sport exercices!! Would you like some posts like this?

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