Review: Purexpert 1-2-3 Products

Hello everybody and welcome back to another post! Today one’s is about beauty and I’m going to share with you my opinions about the Purexpert 1-2-3 products. It’s a little bit more different of what I used to do so if you like it say it in the comments down below!

I first get this about a month and a half ago and I have been using them since then and believe me, they give to your face a very fresh and clean sensation. And they also help you to have a better face and a radiant face. Because it was a present I don’t really know how much it was but I think it’s totally worth it!

I have been using the Purexpert 1-2-3 oily skin programme which you can check out here: It’s super easy to use because each bottle it has a number with the order you have to apply it. But they also have more different packs and products for differtent types of skin. I totally recommend it!

In the pack I receive the first thing, it was Purifying mattifying foam in other words a cleanser. The description says:

Liberates the skin of imperfections and excess oil, while providing it with great comfort, freshness and a lasting matt appearance.

Favours the natural protection and sebum-regulation of the skin due to its active principles.

To use it you just have to apply a little bit to your wet face and make a message in circles. Then you will just have to rinse and it will give to your face a perfect sensation of freshness. It’s just perfect for mornings when you just want to wake up and start the day. The foam has a light and soft texture and it’s super easy to apply.

The next product you will use is Refiner essence. Oily skin exfoliating fluid. This one is a renewer and exfoliating in one. On the back says:

Exfoliating essence that removes dead cells from the surface of the skin that obstruct the pores and reduce its luminosity.

Exfoliates, purifies and minimises the appearance of imperfections, while normalising excess oil.

An effective treatment, but gentle and respectful of the skin.

This one is like an oil and you will have to put a little bit into some cotton and expanded all over your face. As well as the other product it will give you a pleasant sensation of freshness. The product is supposed to eliminate all the dead cells and it has the function of an exfoliating.

And finally we have a face cream called Oil-free hydro-mattifying gel-cream. The description says:

Hydrates, smoothes, comforts and helps specifically oily skin to regulate excess oil and shiny spots on the skin. Helps prevent also the appearance of possible spots. Oil-free.

An innovative hydrating ingredient that prevents skin dryness and desquamation.

This one is the perfect finale for all your skin care routine. And it will hydrate a lot your face and also prepare it for all the day. It also prevents from the appearance of spots and it’s perfect for teen face because it’s oil-free.

And these are all the three products that I use on the Purexpert range. I think they are perfect because they are simple to use and if you want to keep your skin care routine simple (as I do) I will totally recommend it. I personally use it once a day but, in the description says that you have to apply it mornings and nights, but for me once a day it works perfectly.  Apart that is easy and quick to use so you can apply all them every day.

So this is all for today but, finally I just want it to ask you something: Will you like it if I open an email list for you to subscribe? I was thinking of doing it and there I will send exclusive content like Weekly Wrap-Up’s with some of my favourites or cool printables or amazing lists. But first of all I want it to ask you so please comment down below if you will like it or not and I will decide it if I do it.

And finally, tell me in the comments down below if you have already tried this products or what you think of it!

See you soon!!



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