10 Pieces of clothing I have from last winter and I love

First of all Happy Autumn! The cold season is officially here. And because lots of you like my fashion posts here it comes another one. A few days ago I made a post about some autumn and winter 2016/17 trends, but I have some cool clothes from last winter I wanted to share with you. So that’s what this post is all about. Let’s start!

The first thing I wanted to share with you it is a long and pink padded jacket. It’s from last winter and padded jackets are still a tendency so I will of course wear it this autumn and winter. I think that it’s very useful for days when you have to go a little bit more formal. This jacket is made of feathers so is very light, but it wrap’s up you a lot. It’s a most for days around Christmas!


FREEQUENT PADDED JACKET: http://www.freequent.eu/

Next we have a Pepe Jeans shirt. I really like this brand all the seasons they have awesome clothes and I will buy it all 🙂 . This one has dream catcher printed on it and it also has some tacks on it. Last autumn I brought it when it wasn’t still so cold for putting a jumper but it wasn’t no longer warm. I think it looks really cool with a pair of blue jeans and a high brown boots.

PEPE JEANS DREAM CATCHER SHIRT: http://www.pepejeans.com/en_gb/


Remaining on the Pepe Jeans brand I also have a jumper with three quarter sleeves that
appear on the last post I did about fashion (I recommend you to have a look for outfit
inspiration) because I really like this jumper. It’s perfect for the changing of season, but you can also wear it with a white long sleeve under it when it’s colder. Because it’s a simple jersey you can mix it with almost every basic trousers you have in your closet but it gives a touch of colour into your outfit.

PEPE JEANS ORANGE STRIPPED SHIRT: http://www.pepejeans.com/en_gb/
Talking about white shirts here I comes one. This one, it’s from Naf Naf, and I really like some of the clothes they made, I think they have very cute and girly pieces of clothes. This shirt is white and simple, but it has a texture that I really like, it’s so soft. The neck, it’s not to tighten to your neck, so if you want to wear it under a jersey it will not be seen. And for when it’s a little bit colder, as I said before, you can wear it under a three quarter sleeve jumper.

NAF NAF WHITE SHIRT: http://www.nafnaf.com/fr_uk/
Now, it’s time for cozy jerseys. Firstly, we have this adorable white vest. It’s made of a very soft fabric that reminds you of polar bear fur. And to finish it, it has some little bear ears that make it cuter. I just love it! Maybe you wouldn’t wear it when it’s super frizzy but, with some colourful shirt under it and a pair of blue jeans it will be amazing to wear it on some warm day of winter. If you wear it, it will keep your trunk warmer than anything, badly not your arms!


Another jersey I have is a grey and garnet Reporter jersey. It warms you a lot with this long neck of wool. And it’s perfect for these longs days of rain even if you stay at home or if you are busy outside. And to give it a touch it has this white borders that make it cooler. I will wear it with some black or blue jeans and with some very long boot or ankle boots (the two extremes). I totally recommend a jersey like this!

Moving into a different type of clothes and a little bit extrange firstly, we have a normal jumper that it has a long back (you have maybe seen it in one of my latest posts). I find it super original and it combines with everything. The colours are just beautiful with a black, grey and white degraded but they keep it simple. It will of course give a point of originality on your outfit!


And this one is a bit more colorful so you can wear it during winter, but is also perfect for spring. It is a large vest made with an extrange material that it seems like neoprene. If you want to wear this one the trousers and the shirt it has to be simple for not shocking everyone. Although you can make pretty good combinations if you are more risky. I have to say that is not very warm, but for wear it indoors it’s a most.

Finally, the accessories section. And what you are going to need during the winter? And umbrella and some type of scarf, of course! I will recommend you this purple benzi umbrella. It’s really chic, fashion and it protects you of rain (that’s what umbrellas are supposed to be 😉 ). But because of its small size you can wear it every where and it can save you from an unexpected rain.

BENZI PURPLE UMBRELLA: http://www.benzi.com/en/


Then we have this brown scarf that it’s united (just like a buff). From one side it has a wool fabric and for the other it has this like fur fabric. It will keep you very warm!

And these are all the things I wanted to show you from last year. I hope you liked it and tell me which one you like the most or if you have a similar garment. I also hope I give you some ideas for this winter!

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