Dear future self…

Dear future self, do you still remember me? It seems estrange to say hello to you, but I just want to ask you to invert a little bit of time in me, in you, in us…

Come on! Stop whatever you are doing (I know we are usually busy) and read me.

I want it to write you to make you remember all the things that have happened to us, the good ones and the bad ones. To make you laugh and cry, to make you feel proud and dissatisfied, to remind you all the good memories and to make you think about the future. And finally to just ask you a few questions to make you think a little bit about your life and where you want to go.

Now you will have just turn 18 years now, how it feels to be overage?

I hope that you remember when, why, how and where you write this. If not, let me tell you… You have just started a blog on summer 2016 called Marioness (I don’t know if you still have it, I wish that yes and that you could, can and will do great things with it) you’re writing this from the computer in your house thinking that you are going to thank me for this letter.

First of all: What’s going on? I hope you are feeling good and proud of you, but mostly happy with you and with the people that surround you.

I don’t know where, how and with who you are going to read this but hopefully it still something important for you.

I need to ask you about the great things you’ve planned for the future. Have you got the chance of making them a reality? If not, keep fighting for this, I know you aren’t someone that gives up easily.

I also want it to demand you about the desire of sparkling the world with your ideas. Do you still have it? I wish that yes and that you never get tired of this. Don’t let anyone or anything change who you are.


Now, let’s talk about my actual hobbies. When I’m writing this I’m only 14, I love to dance and I practice these a few hours a week. Let me remind you how good and free it makes you feel! Keep dancing because: we dance for laughing, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, but remember this, we are the dancers and we create the dreams.


I also hope that you have never stopped reading books because you know they fill you and how good it is to just sit down relax and read a book. And of course, never and never stop writing about all the things that happen to you or amazing ideas that you have.

This question, it’s from the curious person that we are: How it is in 2020? Have they been any technological advances? Does the world still the same as before?

Education! This is an important word. I hope you are still studying and working on your formation to doย amazing things in our future. Because education is a very powerful weapon, use it well. And never stop learning things or never stop educating yourself, there are always great things to learn.

Oh! And just go outside and explore the world! Visit all the amazing countries you have always dreamt going on. If you have not already visited them. And breath fresh air, surrounds you by people that make you happy and never give up.

And how is the family going? I hope we still as united as we use to be. That you still remember all the good thingsย all the things we have lived together.

Hopefully the world in general is a little bit better than now. I mean now we aren’t going through the best moment: there are wars, economic crises and a lot of poor people. I wish that you have tried to do something with all this, even if it’s just a little thing. Remember, all matters!

Finally, I just want it to request you something: Do this with the future self of 22, 26, 30, 34, 38…

And finally repeat this with me: I LOVE ME

Best wishes,

Mariona of 2016


Ps. I’ve decided to change my post shedule I will still post every Sunday but the extra posts will be some day from monday to friday if I can do it. Like this it works better for me.


24 thoughts on “Dear future self…

  1. Hi! I hope you liked this post! I think it’s a really cool idea to write a letter to your future self and save it. And you can’t open it since the day you have decided. You can also keep the letter with some of your favourite things at the moment. Imagine how funny and beautiful it will be that in a few years you open the letter!!!!


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