Blog Updates: New Pinterest and Bloglovin’, New Schedule Posts and Blogmas????

Hello everybody! Today the first thing I want to tell you is thank you to all my followers, the ones that leave a comment, like my posts or just come to my blog and check out my posts. I’m so thankful to all of you who have followed me in my first weeks of blogging.

Today I’m here to share with you some blog updates and some surprising things that are going to happen in this blog. So if you don’t follow me go and do it to stay tuned for new content and amazing things!

The first item I want to share with you is that I have created a Pinterest account where you can see all the things I like, all the posts I do and all the people and bloggers I follow. So you can follow me here:

Or here:

And don’t hesitate and share my posts with the Pinterest Community. Just pin it!

I have also started a Bloglovin’ account where you should go and follow me to keep in touch with my blog, because they are going to notify you every time I post anything. And you can also explore new bloggers and discover people that share your interests and hobbies.

So go and follow me here:

It will mean a lot.

Moving into the new schedule… I will soon start school and that means that I will have less time to blog :( And that’s why I have decided that I will try to blog minimum once a week and that will be mostly on SUNDAYS AFTERNOON. But because some weeks I have more to do than others if I don’t have a busy week I will also try to blog on WEDNESDAYS, this is going to be like an extra.

I hope you are agree with the new schedule and that you’re waiting for new posts, that will appear here very soon ;)

And finally, I know that a lot of you will think that there’s still time, but I have already been thinking of Christmas and some special posts I could do for this time of the year. And because I really like this time of year (and many of you also love it) and the countdown to, it seems endless I will… DO A BLOGMAS!!!!

That means I will be blogging every single day from the 1st of December to Christmas Eve. And you will have a new and different post about Christmas every day. I think that if I’m able to do it, it’s going to be awesome.

But for do this we have to arrive at 300 FOLLOWERS, I know it may seem impossible, but if I try so hard I think we could do it, moreover it will be amazing that this community will grow to this level.

And you can do a lot to help me: You can follow me if you haven’t already, share this in Pinterest, Bloglovin’ or more, show it and share it with your friends and people you will think they will like me…  All the help will be grateful so thank you in advance.

This is all the things and changes I want it to tell you, I hope you help me and that you are as excited as me with this cool news!! If you are, say it on the comments below.

I will write you very soon and if you have any suggestion please say it on the comments down below.



51 thoughts on “Blog Updates: New Pinterest and Bloglovin’, New Schedule Posts and Blogmas????”

  1. awesome blog! only yesterday I was wondering if blogmas exists… I know of vlogmas but only just now hearing about blogmas! I think I’ll join u on this adventure haha! :D I hope ur dreams can come true :) xx

    Liked by 3 people

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