Back to School Stationary Haul

It’s nearly the begining of the school year and that means that is time to buy new things for school! And when it comes to that I go a little bit obsessed… I just love to enter into a shop and look all the bits and pieces you can find. And that’s why today I’m going to show some of the things I bought to start this school year. If you like stationary hauls, keep reading!


So first of all I want to tell you that the bag and pencil case I use are both from Eastpak. They are in two different types of pink and they are from a very good quality. I don’t have any photo of both but, you can find them at the links below:


EASTPAK Pencil Case:

The first things I like to bought are some accessories like sharpeners, glue, post-its….


So to begin I bought a stapler and a drilling machine from a brand called Petrus. They both are in this purple-pink pastel colour and I find them very useful to have on your desk. I also took some post-its that I’m going to use to mark some school books or reading books. I think they look super cute in this pack of four and you can have one colour for each thing like: important, to read, to do… Of course I also purchase some glue: the classic one, Pritt that is always good to have for everything and it works really well and I also want it to try this new Pritt glue that is for glue photos without seeing the glue, it’s like a correction tape but with glue. And finally I get a Maped sharpener and a Milan correction tape that I find it super fancy with this yellow pattern.

PETRUS Stapler and drilling machine:


PRITT Glues:

MAPED Sharpener:

MILAN Correction Tape:


To continue I bought some highlighters because, everybody needs some of them to make your notes and agenda look prettier.

The first ones are the Stabilo Boss normal ones, called Original. I decided that I want it some new colours of highlighters so I purchase a purple one, a turquoise and a normal pink that I use it a lot. And for the ordinary highlighters I got a type that is called Neon and it has the shape of a toothpaste.

And because I’ve got a white board for studying I bought me some Artline slate markers with the colour pink and purple because I’ve already  use got the blue, black, green and red ones and they work really well.

SATBILO Highlighters:

ARTLINE Slate Markers:



Moving into markers I purchase two different types. The first ones are the typical Staedtler Fineliner. This is a pack of ten and I use it for taking notes or writing tittles and I usually use one colour per each subject.

Then I also bought ones from a brand called Edding that I’m going to use for drawing, painting and for studying. I’ve already used it and they look very pretty.


EDDING Markers:


Finally, I got some random pens, someones I’m going to use it at school and others I will keep them at home.

The first ones are the ordinary Pilot ones that I use for taking notes every day at school and I think they work very well and they make your handwriting look better and they also last a lot.

Then I bought some Bic pens, the golden and silver ones are black and blue ink, but I think they are very beautiful with this colour. I then got me some Bic Cristal ones that I wanted for so long because, I’ve tried and they go really well on the paper so I get the pastel colours. And lastly in the Bic brand I bought a four colur mini pen to have in my bagpack and I can use it for some quick notes or something like this.

I also purchase a pencil in this cool orange colour and is the one I’m going to use all the year. And at last but not least I bought some Pilot colour pens that I find really beautiful and cut and they also work really well.


BIC Pens:

And this is all my back to school stationary haul, I hope you like it and if you haven’t already bought for school you get some ideas.

If you really like some of those pens or random pieces say which one you like the most and why are you excited to go back to school!

Happy Back To School!





23 thoughts on “Back to School Stationary Haul

  1. Marioness, I hope you will enjoy this school year!! You seem very prepared and excited to learn a lot!
    I really like this kind of gadgets too so I have took pleasure in the reading! Thanks

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