Reviews of Now you see me 2 and The Secret Life of Pets

Hello and welcome to another post! Today I’m going to share my opinions about some movies I’ve seen during the summer. There are  two movies and I think there are very different from each other. So let’s start!

The one I like the most is NOW YOU SEE ME 2, this film is the sequel of the film now you see me. In this film the four horsemen return after a while without seeing them. And they take illusion to new heights. They decide to expose the bad practices of a tech company and it all gets a little bit more complicated that they thought.

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I personally really like it. I think that is a very good film with a lot of wow factors. I also enjoyed watching all the complicated magic tricks that appear in it and how they use it do do nice things.  (Now there is a small spoiler) The only think I didn’t like was that they don’t give much information about what one of the four horsemen quit the group and how. It’s also good to see that there is a lot of training for doing the film, both the actors and the people that don’t appear in the film. And finally I love how well interpenetrating are with each other. I really want that Now You See Me 3 appears!

Link to the trailer:

The other film I’ve seen is THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS is an animation and comedy film that talk about what happen to your pets when you left them to go to work or school.

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I think that this was an enjoyable film. It’s funny and it makes you have a great time. But is not a very intensive movie and with a simple script, that doesn’t make you think a lot. I also like the way that the pets are draw for making you like ones and don’t like the others with being from the same species. The only think I was expecting when I saw the tittle of the film is that they will maybe happen different stories that happens in different days. But in general, I think that is a movie that doesn’t give you any surprises it’s how you expect to be at the beginning but it’s not too boring.

Link to the trailer:

These are some of the movies I’ve watch during this summer and the ones I liked the most and I think the ones that are more famous. I hope you liked it and that you share my opinion. And that if you want to see a film and you haven’t seen this ones I give you some ideas.

If you’ve watched a film thsi summer and you liked it, you can say it on the comments!



*All the opinions are my own opinions and what I think about each film. I’m not a professional.*


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