Photographing the Summer

Summer, a beautiful word. It reminds you of freetime, new things, shiny sun, warm and long days, dreams that start and a million of more beautiful things. It’s time to explore new things, discover new places and spent time with the family and friends.

I think summer is the perfect time to do new things and that is what I had tried this one. I have visited awesome places like the French Brittany in France or some places of my country.

It’s also the season to have fun and go to themes parks like Futuroscope. And enjoy eery minute you spend there. And if you still have some strength you can go to concerts or fireworks and have an amazing night with all the music or just looking to the beautiful sky.

One thing that I love to do is photographing the summer, it’s a great way to record all the fun and magic moments you spend during the holidays.

And of course I take pictures of the nature, places I’ve been… With the summer light of the sun it all seems more beautiful.

During the sunny season, it’s time to find new products that you’re going to love and that they maybe became your summer favourites.

It all goes so quickly and time seems to fly, suddenly the temperature goes down and all the sunshine evenings become dark evenings. It’s time to think of school and work and to prepare you for the new school year, which you’re going to try to do your best with charged batteries.

And you still remember all that sunshine and magnificent days you left behind, but there will always be those nice pictures you’ve taken to haul up to those wonderful days.



9 thoughts on “Photographing the Summer”

    1. Yeah! I also miss it, this one was of course a very good summer. But it’s always good some cold weather. Thank you I have just done a post with some photo tips!!


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