15 Back to school tips & tricks

School is about to begin and before school starts we all try to be the most equipped possible. We go and buy new supplies, we purchase a new agenda because we want to be more organised than last year and we search for new ways to study. So that’s what I’m gonna show you, I’m going to explain some tips and tricks that I’ve been using and work or that I’ve found and I think they’re useful.

  1. The first one I think it’s an ovbious one if you want to be organised: Get an agenda! I’ve been using one for a long time and it simply works.
  2. Another one is that apart from the agenda keep a calendar where you can put the main thing of the day or the birthday of someone. With a calendar you can see all what is going on during the month with one look.
  3. I think that is a great idea to have some quotes or inspiring phrases that you can see during your work time. It makes you strive more and encourages you. Here there are some ones that I make for you:
  4. For studying and notes something very useful is to color code the notes with pencils, pens and markers. This way is more easier to understand and more visual.
  5. Keeping with organisation is good to have a clean and tidy table that helps you to focus on the work and not get distracted. You only have to keep on your table what is necessary.
  6. I find it very helpful to have some routines and do them every school day. Like a morning routine, a night routine… This way I think you improve your time.
  7. It is a handy thing to plan the day before what you are doing tomorrow because,like this you go to sleep knowing what you are going to do. And if you have time also do a to do list for prioritize things.
  8. When it comes the exam weeks is always good to plan before what you are going to study each day and how.
  9. Know which study method is best for you. Maybe is flashcards, mind-maps, listening, explaining or doing resumes.
  10.  You have to prioritize things because we have to accept that we can do it all at once and that some things are more important than others.
  11. It’s super important to take breaks and have a good sleep.
  12. Find the place to study. It has to be a place that is quiet and that you feel comfortable enough to focus on the studying.
  13. One thing that really works for me is to write it down and say it loud. It may sound classical, but it works.
  14. Be strict with you and don’t let things for another time
  15. And finally, don’t stres out (I know sometimes is hard) and remember why you are doing it.

And that’s all I hope that it was useful and that help you. I wish you all the best school year ever!!

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Thank you for reading it!



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